Alpha Pi Sigma collects teddy bears for orphans

This is the 8th year Alpha Sigma Pi has held its charitable drive.


Courtesy of Pixabay

Alpha Pi Sigma are collecting teddy bears for local orphans. The sorority has been doing this drive since 2011.

By Amanda Haworth, Chief Copy Editor

Girls taking photos with their sisters and guys playing beer pong with their brothers while heavy bass music blares is a stereotypical sorority and fraternity party scene. Hollywood projects a Greek life of partying or hazing into the media—just watch Neighbors or 22 Jump Street.

Alpha Pi Sigma is quite the opposite of those—leaving a path of philanthropic values in their wake.

Alpha Pi Sigma is an academic and nontraditional sorority according to Vice President Alondra Carrillo.

“We are academic based,” Carillo said. “We’re multicultural so we have sisters from all over.”

The members of Alpha Pi Sigma add charity work to their busy dead week and finals week schedules in both Cheney and Spokane.

“We like to help the community a lot so we do a lot of community service here in Cheney but also in Spokane,” Carrillo said.

Many sororities, both traditional and nontraditional, include philanthropy in their chapters. With Alpha Pi Sigma being nontraditional, philanthropy still permeates their chapter.

“[Alpha Pi Sigma] is technically academic based,” President Nadia Botello said. “We don’t participate in the stomping and strolling—but we are definitely in support of it. We are technically a part of the [Diversified Greek Council]—multicultural side of it. We do not discriminate no matter what. We are really just open to everyone. We are definitely academic based. We focus a lot on community service as well.”

Community service is a very important factor to Botello.

“That is what caught my attention when I was in Pi Sigma,” Botello said. “It wasn’t the usual sorority with a house. It’s more of the business side of it and that’s what really drew me to it—especially taking on the position of president.”

Botello intends to go into communications and public relations work after college, and takes her opportunities as president seriously.

Alpha Pi Sigma’s current charitable event is a Teddy Bear Drive.

“[The Teddy Bear Drive] is going on now,” Botello said. “The last day will be on Friday. That Teddy Bear Drive has actually been going on annually since 2011. Alpha Pi Sigma was established in 1990 and in 2011 we wanted to make a difference for orphaned kids because they don’t get as many things as what other kids do. This is the time for giving.”

Alpha Pi Sigma recently worked with Health, Wellness & Prevention Services and Lambda Theta Alpha on a sexual assault prevention event.

“[The sexual assault prevention event] was a seminar that we did along with [Lambda Theta Alpha],” Carrillo said. We got a lot of information to help us with some friends or anybody we know in any situation. For the Teddy Bear Drive, it is something that we do nationally for all our sororities every year. So we do that a lot too when we have about a month to collect a lot of teddy bears—any stuffed animal actually—and then we choose a local orphanage to donate to. We’ve done Sally’s [House Emergency Foster Care] or the YWCA. So we’ll probably do one of those two again this year.”

Bins around campus decorated by Alpha Pi are available for donations of teddy bears and other stuffed animals until Nov. 30. The collection will be donated to a local orphanage in time for the holidays.•