Students voice thoughts to ASEWU at “EWU Cares About…” event


Kaisa Siipola

An ASEWU representative coordinates the EWU Cares About… event. The event gave students a chance to express their concerns about social and political issues.

By Kaisa Siipola, Reporter

Coffee, hot chocolate and cookies were provided to students who completed a survey in the campus mall on Nov. 16 for the EWU Care About… event. The event was organized by Angelica Garcia-Macias, ASEWU Legislative Affairs Council representative, to give students a chance to share thoughts and concerns on issues and politics that matter most to them.

Students shared their thoughts and voiced their opinions on the survey that was given regarding societal issues at the event.

EWU sophomore Sam LaBrant described the simplicity of the survey.

“I thought it was pretty simple, nice that it was yes, no and the reason was optional,” LaBrant said. “Convenient place for it and a nice time too, and it was nice that they brought up the food to attract people in.”

SAIL intern Marcos Loza explained the importance of the EWU Care About… event.

“So I feel the survey is a good way to get people involved who are usually not as inclined to want to get involved,” Loza said. “It’s a way of voicing their thoughts without actually having to go out and be outspoken, which a lot of people might be scared to do. It’s a good way to get people’s opinions and thoughts and see what things people find important and bring them up to the people that can make a change.”

The event wasn’t just to obtain the students’ voices and to emphasize the advocacy to hear and represent the student body, it also provided an opportunity for ASEWU legislative liaison Austin Quinn to encourage students to sign up and represent EWU at Lobby Day for the winter session.

Quinn will set up Lobby Day and make sure that meetings are coordinated with legislators, so that students can come in and voice their concerns to show them that they care about being involved and leaving the school better than it was in the past.

“Unfortunately, historically, higher education funding is the first thing to get cut when we hit a budget crisis or anything,” Quinn said. “If we can show them that we have a bunch of student voices out there it would be great.”

It’s a way of voicing their thoughts without actually having to go out and be outspoken, which a lot of people might be scared to do.”

— Marcos Loza, SAIL intern

Students expressed yes or no to a variety of topics and legislation that EWU can possibly advocate for and ASEWU wanted input from the student body.

Overall, there were 183 surveys from the event.

The top two topics students strongly advocated for were making prepaid ballot postage permanently free and advocating for college without debt.

According to the survey results, 162 students voted yes for making prepaid ballot postage free permanently, and 160 students voted yes for advocating for college without debt.

Just 38 students voted no on advocating for an undocumented student loan program and only 29 students voted no for mandatory consent education in K-12 and higher education institutions, according to the survey results.

Beginning winter quarter, there will be more lobbying events and more opportunities for the student body to practice talking to legislators to vote in favor of EWU students’ opinions,  according to Garcia-Macias.