Police Beat: drugs, drinks, assault and e-cigs

Police Beat: drugs, drinks, assault and e-cigs

By Dylan Harris, News Editor

Second-degree assault, attempting to elude police vehicle

1300 block of Second Street

Nov. 9

Officers came across an assault victim. Witnesses on the scene pointed out the suspect to officers. As officers approached, the man took off toward his car, hopped in and tried to drive away from police. After a short pursuit, the man stopped the vehicle. He was booked into the Spokane County Jail.


Fire alarm

Streeter Hall

Nov. 11

Officers and the fire department responded to a fire alarm in Streeter Hall. They discovered which room was the source of the fire. Two students had been using their e-cigs inside, filling the room with so much vapor that the fire alarm was set off. The students were referred to rights and responsibilities.



First Street

Nov. 11

A call came in for a vehicle driving erratically on First Street. Officers responded to the call and pulled the vehicle over. The driver was arrested for DUI.


Possible drug overdose


Nov. 12

While responding to a medical emergency in one room, officers noticed a male student running naked down the hall. Officers said he was sweating profusely, and appeared to be under the influence of drugs. It is unknown at this time which drugs may have been in his system. He was transported to the hospital.