Looking back: Lisa Brown

From campus to congress, almost


Courtesy of EWU Archives and Special Collections

Former EWU associate professor of economics and 2018 midterm congress candidate Lisa Brown. Brown was a professor for roughly 20 years at EWU.

By Dylan Harris, News Editor

Pictured here is Lisa Brown in the 1980s when she worked at EWU. Brown served as an associate professor of economics from 1981 to 2001. She also briefly held the position of interim director of the Women’s Center in 1983.

Brown touted her educational experience, including her roughly 20 years at EWU, many times during her campaign for U.S. Representative. She also worked as a professor at Gonzaga University and was Chancellor of Washington State University Spokane. Much of her campaign’s focus was on the education system.

The Nov. 6 midterms did not produce the results Brown was hoping for. Arguably the most competitive candidate to run against Rep. Cathy McMorris Rodgers, Brown trailed by almost 12 percentage points on election night. She conceded to McMorris Rodgers after the first posting of results that night.

While the former Eagle didn’t make it to congress, Lisa Brown has become a household name across eastern Washington.