Eastern After Dark hosts trivia night

Students' pop culture knowledge is put to the test

By Shandra Haggerty, Reporter

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Contrary to popular belief, an enjoyable college experience can be attained without getting drunk every weekend.

Eastern After Dark is a series put on by Eagle Entertainment and aims to provide students with alcohol-free activities. Due to its popularity at the beginning of the month, Eagle Entertainment brought back late-night trivia on Thursday for Eastern After Dark.

Students crowded in small groups around The Roost for the chance to win prizes by testing their pop culture knowledge.

Some students heard about the event from posters they’d seen around school, but many had just stopped by The Roost for some late night food and couldn’t help but join.

Even those without the answer sheet in front of them whispered possible answers among themselves.

EWU Freshman Ivett Sanchez went to trivia night with three of her friends.

“It gave me something to do,” Sanchez said. “Other than being locked in my dorm room.”

Though Sanchez doesn’t drink, she knows how dangerous it can be and how easy it is to come across alcohol.

“I get that it’s college and all,” Sanchez said. “But if people are going to drink, they should be careful.”

Sanchez chooses not to drink but says she doesn’t find herself bored as there’s always something going on around campus.

Junior Shawn Smith also attended trivia night with a few friends after seeing a flyer in The Roost.

“I don’t drink personally,” Smith said. “But I think it’s fine if they’re over 21.”

Though Smith isn’t anti-alcohol, she knows what she wants out of college.

“I take my education very seriously,” Smith said.

Eastern After Dark events take place every other Thursday. The next event is late night line dancing on Nov. 1 at 9 p.m. •

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