Easterner Asks: Gnats

How do you feel about the gnats and how would you combat them?

By Matt Pennell, Social Media Editor

Dustin Northup, Freshman
The gnats […] oh they suck. I ride a motorcycle, so I get them all over my face shield all the time. Pesticides I guess would be the easiest thing. 

Elena Martha, Junior
I don’t like gnats. Period. I would spray chemicals in the trees and dirt around the area. That’s what I would recommend.


Sara Ocampo, Junior
Well I find them really annoying just because I will be walking and they will be hitting me in the face and I’ve been swallowing them.


Allison Unruh, Freshman
F— them. Oh my god they are terrible. I thought they were bad where I live, but no. They are a fashion accessory. I kind of just walk by and swat them.


Nicole Daugherty, Freshman
Oh my gosh they are so irritating. I went to class the other day, and they were all over my legs. I went to wipe them off, and there was blood stains all over my legs.