EWU schedules broadcasting class for Winter 2019


Courtesy of Dante Tyler's Facebook Page

ASEWU President Dante Tyler stands in front of a residence hall. Tyler came up with the idea for a new broadcasting class that will begin winter quarter at EWU.

By Jazmine Reed, Reporter

A  TV broadcast class will be available to students starting next quarter. The class will be an experimental  communication studies class.

Dante Tyler, president of ASEWU, pitched the idea to have this class at EWU.

“In high school I did TV broadcast for all four years,” Tyler said. “My first three years I had the same teacher and my senior year we had to start over and reconstruct the whole thing from the ground up. I have learned a lot from this and would like to share the experience with the students here. I feel like without it we are missing out.”

Head of Social Sciences Dean Anderson and Director of Media Relations Dave Meany were also people who made this class a reality.

“The core purpose of this class is to teach students what it entails to become a video journalist,” Tyler said. “This includes ethics, how to do an interview, how to edit videos and how to film them.”

The students will go out and get stories to create a broadcast that will be posted on YouTube to inform the campus on matters, according to Tyler.

This class will be worth three credits, and only 10 people will be able to take the class the first time it is offered winter quarter.

“It is a good step into getting better information out to students, and a good way to show expressions of the people getting interviewed,” Tyler said.

Dave Meany, who has at least 15 years of broadcast experience, will be the professor for the class.

The class could eventually become part of  a College of Arts, Letters and Education or social science class. •