Easterner Asks: Changes to EWU?

What would you change about Eastern? Why?

By Matt Pennell, Social Media Editor

Phillip Haggith, Senior
“I would have different clubs, but specific to different activities, like a hiking club. With different varieties, so people can pick and choose.”
Matthew Evans, Freshman
“I think Eastern is a pretty great school… So I would just like it closer to me in the Valley. I would relocate it to the downtown area.”
Lindsay Golden, Senior
“I think my only complaint is parking. Maybe like more places to park or a parking garage would be nice. I would lower the price of a parking pass.”
Erik Johnson, Junior
“Parking is expensive. I hate that. It’s like five-hundred bucks a year. That blows. Some sort of parking garage would be nice.”
Chloe Rowe, Junior
“I would say parking. I think the parking in one lot thing is hard because I have classes on opposite ends of the campus each day.”
Allen Jones, Freshman
“In Vegas they have these walkways that move with you. I would want those because it is a pretty long walk across campus to get to the math building from Patterson.”