Easterner Asks: Changes to EWU?

What would you change about Eastern? Why?


The Easterner

By Matt Pennell, Social Media Editor

Phillip Haggith, Senior
“I would have different clubs, but specific to different activities, like a hiking club. With different varieties, so people can pick and choose.”
Matthew Evans, Freshman
“I think Eastern is a pretty great school… So I would just like it closer to me in the Valley. I would relocate it to the downtown area.”
Lindsay Golden, Senior
“I think my only complaint is parking. Maybe like more places to park or a parking garage would be nice. I would lower the price of a parking pass.”
Erik Johnson, Junior
“Parking is expensive. I hate that. It’s like five-hundred bucks a year. That blows. Some sort of parking garage would be nice.”
Chloe Rowe, Junior
“I would say parking. I think the parking in one lot thing is hard because I have classes on opposite ends of the campus each day.”
Allen Jones, Freshman
“In Vegas they have these walkways that move with you. I would want those because it is a pretty long walk across campus to get to the math building from Patterson.”