Easterner Asks: Favorite season?

What is your favorite season and why?

By Matt Pennell, Social Media Eitor

Mia Smith, Junior
“Winter. I really love snow. Snow is my favorite thing. I’m actually from a ski- resort town, Sun Valley, Idaho.”


Kylee Young, Junior
“I think I like spring because I did like track and running and all that. The colors are really pretty. I’m from Western Washington, so I love the trees over there.”


Colin Axtell, Sophomore
“I would have to say spring because that’s like bringing life back to the dark days because it goes winter to spring you know. There’s beautiful bright colors and flowers blooming.”


Jake Ring, Freshman
“I would pick summer because it’s just fun to have a break from school and freedom. I just hang out with friends and go to different lakes and chill.”


Davis Croson, Sophomore
“Probably winter because I like to snowboard. I also like Christmas because it’s so jolly. Everything is just real jolly during Christmas.”


Kris Ramos, Senior
“I would have to go with summer. Summer is just such nice weather out
where I live, and when I come back to Cheney it is really beautiful weather out here.”