EPIC adventures to Spokane for students

EPIC focuses on making their services easier to access for Spokane students


Richard N. Clark IV

An EPIC employee sets a top-rope route.

By Erik Rötness, A&F Editor

EWU’s EPIC Adventures is reaching out to students on the Spokane campus by extending its services and planning more Spokane-centered events.

EPIC and EWU’s Student Activities, Involvement and Leadership team partnered to create an afternoon of rock climbing, paddle boarding and kayaking for Spokane students on Thursday Sept. 27 at John Shields Park in Spokane. The event was the first step to provide Spokane students a chance to get involved without having to make the drive to Cheney.

A goal for the event was to reach out to Spokane students, letting them know that even though EPIC is based in Cheney, they are willing to create opportunities in Spokane.

“We want to come out to Spokane so you never have to come to Cheney if you don’t want to,” EPIC Outdoor Program Coordinator and EWU alumna Madison Kinder said. 

Reaching out to Spokane students can be hard because of their typically busier lives, according to Kinder.

EWU graduate student Abby Duckworth says that being on the Spokane campus makes it easy to feel like you’re not connected to the EWU community.

“It would be nice to see some of [EPIC’s] stuff on the Spokane campus because, well, we are still students at EWU,” Duckworth said.  

EPIC plans to bring their gear rentals to students in Spokane in an effort to keep them connected.

“One thing that they can look forward to this quarter is a mobile gear-rental service,” Kinder said. “We’re going to bring a trailer full of gear and bring it to the Spokane campus on a Friday, then bring it back on Monday for gear return.”

We want to come out to Spokane, so we’re here to offer programs for you if you want to do them.”

— Madison Kinder, EPIC Outdoor Program Coordinator

Spokane students tend to take advantage of the gear-rental services from EPIC more than anything else according to Kinder.

Students can rent EPIC’s items ranging from 5-gallon water jugs for $2, to a snowboard, snow boots and helmet package for $14

Because the gear-rental program currently exists solely in Cheney, EWU fifth-year student and EPIC employee Skyler Piper said that he gets a lot of phone calls from Spokane students who want gear rentals.

“The Spokane campus students don’t necessarily want to drive all the way out here to make the gear reservations,” Piper said.

In addition to gear rentals and events closer to home, students can take advantage of EPIC’s new custom group trips. Instead of waiting for a group event to come to Spokane, students can coordinate with EPIC to create their own events on their own schedules.

“We can do day hikes, rock climbing trips, inflatable kayaking. The sky’s really the limit for what we can do,” Kinder said.•