Letter from the Editor

Vol. 102 Issue 1

Michael Brock, Editor in Chief 2018-19.

Michael Brock, Editor in Chief 2018-19.

By Michael Brock, Editor in Chief

Hello fellow Eagles,

Welcome to a new school year at EWU! My name is Michael Brock and I am the Editor in Chief of The Easterner. This is my second stint at the newspaper after holding the sports editor position last year.

Now that you know a little bit about me, I’d like to communicate what we’re all about at The Easterner.

Our new mission statement, which can also be found below this article, reads: “We, as independent student journalists at The Easterner, inform our EWU audience of the governance, activities and views of our community. We provide a voice and a learning environment for students to engage, connect and make informed decisions.”

As journalists for The Easterner, our first priority is to you—the students. We are tasked with telling the triumphs as well as the defeats of our community in an unbiased manner. We want to tell your stories and be a resource for the otherwise voiceless.

There are many ways to be involved with The Easterner. We currently have several paid reporter positions open on Handshake. Reporters can write stories in sports, news, arts, entertainment and features and are required to produce two articles per week. We also welcome contributing articles if you want to only write occasionally.

If you feel strongly about something that’s happening on campus, in the community or nationally, don’t hesitate to write us a letter to the editor about it.

This school year, there will be a minor shift in The Easterner’s digital presence. In the past, all stories (besides breaking news and some sports) were posted online incrementally throughout the week after the print edition came out on Wednesdays.

For the 102nd year of the newspaper, we are changing it up a bit. There will still be content on the website every day, but it will be more current and consistent. Now when something newsworthy occurs, The Easterner will work to get a story online as soon as possible for our readers.

No need to worry about the print product though; the paper edition will still be available every Wednesday morning around campus. With a more consistent and up-to-date presence online, our readers can count on us to provide timely news.

To aid in the digital first switch, our website, EasternerOnline.com, was recently redesigned. Be sure to check out our new and improved presence, in addition to following our social media accounts: “The Easterner” on Facebook, “the_easterner” on Instagram, @EasternerSports on Twitter for sports and @EasternerOnline on Twitter for general content and breaking news.