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Easterner asks: What brings you to EWU?

By Matt Pennell, Social Media Editor

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Aliya Lillieberg, Junior

 “They have a dental hygiene program and they are one of the only universities that has it in Washington state.”






Leslie Tinajero, Freshman

“I am going to study dental hygiene and they have like a really good program here.”







Emmoni Clemmons, Freshman

“It had 45% more black people and Mexican people here than anywhere else.”







Isael Narez, Freshman

“For me, it was because it was more affordable.”







Maleche Moss, Freshman

“I heard they had a good nursing program because they are with WSU and this is more cultured here.”






Martha Nungari, Freshman

“Just to get away from my mom. I’m from federal way. It’s a little far so I know she won’t pop in anytime. I just want time to grow up.”

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Matt Pennell is The Easterner’s Social Media Manager. Pennell is a transfer student from Grand Canyon University where he used to play Lacrosse. He studies...

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Easterner asks: What brings you to EWU?