Police Beat


By Josh Fletcher, News Editor

DWLS, April 9

An EWU PD officer was driving North on Washington St. when they noticed a car quickly pullover and the driver ran into the trunk. Police then pulled the man over where the male student admitted to driving with a suspended license. The student will have his fate decided for him in Cheney Municipal Court.


Assault, April 9

Police were called to the 8th floor of Dressler Hall after reports of two people yelling at each other. According to police the male, non student, and female student, they were having an argument and the female slapped the male. He then grabbed her arms to stop the blows. She was arrested for Domestic Violence and Assault in the 4th degree.


Suspicious Circumstance, April 13

Around 8 a.m. Friday, campus police noticed the “No Parking Fire Lane,” signs were all upside down in Lot 12. Police say there were unbolted and rebolted on upside down.


Theft, April 15

One student is missing a black and green “Caliber X9” Trek mountain bike that was stolen at Dressler Hall. The student said he locked it up Friday afternoon and when he went to check on it Sunday, it was gone. Contact police if you know anything or have seen the bike anywhere.


Liquor Violation, April 14

At 1 a.m. EWU police observed a man walk behind fifth street hall, pull his pants down and pee on the side of the building. Police approached him and also noticed the smell of alcohol. They asked him if he was over the age of 21, which he was not, and added a Minor in Possession to go along with his Public Urination charges. He will meet his fate in Cheney Municipal Court.