EWU Students Get Ready for Summer

By Logan Stahl, Staff Reporter

Summer is finally filling the streets of Cheney, and Fish Lake is being bombarded by students trying to cool off.

However, the number one thing on the minds of most students is finishing off the last finals week before summer. And even though the long summer days have just begun, students across campus have been making plans to enjoy the summer months for a long time.

But the summer may be more productive than people might think. Summer school is always an option, or locking down that summer job or internship. Some students shared their plans for this upcoming summer break.

EWU junior Stefan Thuerk is still undecided about his summer agenda.

“I’m trying to figure out if I want to take this English 101 class in the summer,” said Thuerk. “If I don’t take that class, I’m just going to spend time with my family and kids.”

Thuerk said he also has a trip planned to Seattle.

For some students, the time to make money is in the summer. That is exactly what EWU freshman Erika Demmert has planned.

After living in the dormitories for a year, Demmert plans on moving back to Spokane for the summer.

“I’m moving back to Spokane with my parents to do childcare for two children and hopefully spend some time at the lake,” Demmert said.

Even though a break from school is highly desired, Demmert said living in the dormitories was pretty good.

“[Living in the dorms] was good to get that cliché college experience,” Demmert said.

Sometimes the best bet for summer vacation is to return home and enjoy the familiar scenery and the company of your family.

“I’m going home to Charleston, South Carolina,” EWU freshman Gabby Marquez said.

Marquez said she plans on spending most of her time at the beach during the summer.

“I’m into surfing, lots of surfing, as well as catching up with old pals.” Marquez.

But Cheney will be the place for some EWU students this summer.

Regardless of what students’ plans are, summer is a time to enjoy the outdoors, reconnect with family or friends or maybe take that trip of a lifetime.