One Last Column of Wisdom

Style Nest

By Colette-Janae Buck, Chief Copy Editor

I’ve tried to refrain from addressing a topic such as this one, but as this is my last contribution to the Style Nest column, I thought why the hell not. Let’s ring in the end of the school year with a little more of a serious note and explore an overly talked about but always important topic in the world of beauty and fashion: body confidence.

It’s a subject that you see mentioned all the time on the internet, specifically deep within the very being of the “bodyposi” Instagram tag or the feminist side of Tumblr. There are thousands of posts, pins and challenges that seek to help individuals love their bodies. It’s all these pins and posts that have built the communities that helped me learn a little more body confidence over the course of my life.

I was lucky that I grew up alongside a mom who looked like me figure-wise, and who always encouraged me to love my body and the way I was made. But even when you grow up with someone instilling that confidence in you at home, it doesn’t mean you grow up with that same mantra of confidence outside your home. As young children, we are so, so, so impressionable. We learn to think of ourselves as a certain way because of the way someone else thinks of us. We develop ideas about our bodies and our features because we are constantly bombarded with messages about the societal ideal. This is the part when I mention the media and their role in perpetuating unattainable beauty standards on men and women.  

For me, even though I grew up with a mother who always encouraged me to love myself and my body, I still deal with body confidence issues relating to my size and the shape of my body in general. But I’ve started to unlearn the things that were fed to me through the media channels and the clothing stores. I’ve started to not care about what anyone else thinks, and I’ve started to care about what I think.

Because it’s summer and the school year is coming to a close, I wanted to leave on a note of positivity and wisdom. If you’re dealing with body confidence or body positivity issues, take a deep breath and hold it for a few seconds. Breathe out and listen; those people that you think are laughing at you or judging you aren’t. Other people don’t mind what you wear, they’re too busy worrying about what they’re wearing, just like you’re busy worrying about what you’re wearing.

If you pass by a mirror, gawk at yourself for a second, take your body in and tell yourself what you love about yourself. Even it it’s something small at first, like you like your shoulders or your eyebrows, it’s a start. Do this repeatedly until you feel you’ve named all the beautiful parts of you. This takes time, so enjoy it.

Find a body role model, either someone you think you look like who represents strong body confidence (mine is Ashley Graham), or find someone whose body shape or size you’d want to work toward (mine is Ashley Graham). There’s no shame in wanting to change your body for the better because everyone can always improve, just make sure that you also work on self love as well as your body. If you aren’t even the slightest bit comfortable and in love with yourself when you’re a size 10, you won’t be in love with yourself when you’re a size eight.

Just remember that being comfortable with your body and the clothes you wear are a journey, not just a destination. Take it slow, day-by-day and learn that your body is magnificent.

Also, wear the shorts. It’s hot out, so do yourself a favor.


Just a Quick Note!

Since it’s now officially June, my duties as contributor to the Style Nest column are finally winding down. No more sitting at my desk in the newsroom, racking my brain for ideas and searching my social media platforms for a spark of inspiration (or calling my mom to ask what she’s seen or heard in the fashion world lately).

While there’s the slightest sigh of relief  attached to putting down the pink fuzzy-topped pen I envision myself writing my weekly column with, there’s still a hint of desire to continue building up a column that was once just a small little idea thrown around the newsroom before Christmas break.

The EWU campus was, and still is, incredibly receptive to Style Nest and its weekly content. Thanks to  all of the Style Nest readers for continuing to stick with Style Nest and its content. I always enjoyed hearing from individuals about how they received a different perspective on products or makeup trends because of a column. It fulfilled the purpose I had intended it to—to bring a different and all together present view of fashion to the EWU campus. I can only hope Style Nest continues to bring a fresh look on the fashion and beauty worlds to EWU.