Changing Perspective: A walk on the alternative side

Style Nest

By Colette-Janae Buck, Chief Copy Editor

Fashion is about pushing boundaries, inspiring new ideas and creating works of art that individuals can wear. In the fashion world, we tend to stick to the brand names, such as Vogue, to help us decide what trends are hot and which are not. But shouldn’t we be branching out to independent and alternative fashion media outlets to get fresh ideas and takes on the world of haute couture and street style?

Otherwise, aren’t we just stuck consuming the same old fashion jargon that has been regurgitated and “re-worked” again and again?


NBGA By Sarah Feingold

What started as an out-there Facebook fashion page has blossomed into a fashionable magazine empire for Sarah Feingold, creator of NBGA, or “No Basic Girls Allowed.” The German-born entrepreneur offers an unique take on street and alternative style through her Instagram, Facebook page and Vice Digital blog, demonstrating a sensational ability to mix and match athletic pieces with more glamourous garments. Feingold plays heavily into a style of dress which lacks a title but is commonly referred to as “aesthetic.”

I caught onto NBGA in its formative years, following the Facebook page when it had just a couple-thousand likes. Today, that number has increased to approximately 69,419 likes. The following is comparable to similar magazines, such as Rookie Magazine, another alternative fashion outlet, and has led to Feingold receiving brand ambassador partnerships with Tweezerman Germany and Nike, with Nike being Feingold’s current project partner.


By Nadia Aboulhosn

As a plus-size woman myself just trying to exist in a fashion-forward world, it’s heart-warming to find yet another fellow plus-sized woman breaking down the size barriers that exist in certain trends or styles. Nadia Aboulhosn, Instagram baddie, fashion designer, model and fashion blogger is a rising star of the fashion world. After failing to be accepted into fashion school in 2012, Aboulhosn worked without formal training to produce a fashion line. The debut collection dropped in January 2017 and satisfies all your street style fashion cravings. It features low-cut, high-necked and long-sleeved lace up dresses, silk dusters and cropped co-ordinates in a range of neutral tones. It mirrors a few of the pieces you would find featured on NBGA.

Aboulhosn has been on my Instagram radar for a few months now, making the occasional post of her in one of her various collection garbs, and I’ve been obsessing. I just recently discovered she runs her own blog, on which she posts fairly infrequently about fashion and things that are on her mind. The best part about Aboulhosn’s blog posts pertaining to fashion is that she will link to the items pictured in her posts. Aboulhosn’s dedication to linking fashionable pieces to the masses makes it a great place to find your next clothing fix.


i-D Magazine

If you’re looking for less of a certain style-based media outlet and more of a general alternative magazine that encompesses the world of alternative fashion itself, i-D Magazine is a great outlet that features a range of content pouring out of the fashion world. i-D is also apart of the Vice Media conglomeration, just as NBGA is, and it is actually a channel of Vice’s larger website,

Content for i-D is a slough of different perspectives, carrying pieces, titled “Think Pieces,” designed to make you ponder about the fashion world that sit side-by-side with personable interview-based stories on the fashion world’s newest “it individuals.” i-D also publishes a hard copy magazine six times a year that you can find at Barnes and Noble. It’s a great splurge if you’re wanting a hard copy of the “fashion bible,” as i-D calls itself.

By switching up what fashion media outlets we consume content from, we change our perspective and evolve, in both thought and style. There are worlds beyond what trends and styles Vogue tells us to consume, so read on and liberate yourself. Maybe you’ll find a new comfort zone or two.