Police Beat May 11


Gerald Maib for The Easterner

By Kristi Lucchetta, News Editor

Unlawful Transit Conduct
May 1

Around 12:26 p.m., an officer responded to a call regarding a female student yelling and screaming on the second floor of Isle Hall. When officers made contact, they discovered the female was being disruptive in class and had current campus restriction paperwork attempting to be filed on her. The student was instructed to leave the building and wait for the next bus. When she was waiting at the bus station, she started becoming erratic and disruptive again. She was arrested under a unlawful transit conduct code and transported to Spokane County Jail. A mental evaluation was requested as well.


Suspicious Circumstances
May 1

A female student employee for Parking Services reported a vehicle she had cited multiple times driving in her direction. She said the male student driver glared at her and did a gun motion. She reported the incident to campus police. Officers have made contact with the male student and the report is being forwarded to Student Rights and Responsibilities.


Malicious Mischief
May 5

A male student parked his vehicle at a parking meter in front of Patterson Hall around noon. When he returned at 1 p.m., he discovered his passenger rear tire was flat with a large puncture in the tire. The damage is worth about $100. There are currently no suspects or witnesses.