Meet the Candidates

for the ASEWU General Election



Gaige Basich

As a first-generation college student, ASEWU presidential candidate Gaige Basich did not know what to expect out of college. He ended up joining ASEWU as a sophomore where he worked as a graphic designer in the president’s cabinet. That led to him being elected as ASEWU’s academic affairs representative last year. Being involved is something that Basich thoroughly enjoys. If elected president, Basich has a three-point plan he aims to execute.

“I want to continue emphasizing inclusion, health and overall safety on campus,” said Basich. “I feel like those are things that we are doing well on but there’s room for improvement … [Want to] continue the push towards sustainability, being a green campus. Looking at adding ways to be more environmentally friendly, just kind of green overall. And then […] just the better representation of ASEWU, I’d like to see the representation grow.”


Jaime Olguin

A transfer student from Yakima Valley Community College and a former Marine, ASEWU presidential candidate Jaime Olguin has a wealth of experience you will be hardpressed to find on a college campus. Olguin enlisted in the Marine Corps at age 18, served for 12 years and then enrolled in community college where he served as the student body president. He hopes to add clarity to student government and create a new branch if elected.

“One of my biggest things I want to do as president, what I’m pushing for, is restructuring the board itself,” said Olguin. “Restructuring so that it’s more transparent to students and that there’s more voices from the students, so like creating a senate. There will be representatives from each college, each club or organization, so things can be passed easily and that there’s more voice from the students themselves. More empowerment is essentially what I want to do.”

Executive Vice President


Elizabeth Shimamoto

Currently serving as Student’s Activities Representative for the ASEWU, Elizabeth Shimamoto is hoping to use that experience next year as Executive Vice President. After feeling like the students were marginalized when it come to the PUB decision, Shimamoto said she wants to bring ASEWU and the voices of the students more to the forefront. If elected executive vice president, she is looking to enact a bylaw to ensure accountability amongst ASEWU members. It’s something she said that has been worked on for awhile now. Shimamoto also intends to increase directness between the student bodies on campus and ASEWU.

“One of the things I’m wanting to do if I do become vice president is kind of have an ASEWU member serves as a delegate for each club so that they [club members] can go to them [delegate] for questions, go to their meetings if they have ever have questions or want to talk about what’s going on with ASEWU.


Director of Finance


Andreana Polichronakis

After gaining leadership experience for the past three years on the Diversified Greek Council, Andreana Polichronakis is running to represent the EWU student body as the ASEWU Director of Finance.

Polichronakis said her goals as Director of Finance include trying to give more funding to smaller clubs and organizations, as well as providing equal opportunities for EWU clubs and organizations. Polichronakis said she wants to make sure that every club has representation and that every student has the opportunity to be involved in clubs or organizations, regardless of financial standing.

“I want to take the next step and represent our entire school,” said Polichronakis. “I’m a very hard worker and will do my best to represent each student. Being a math major, I have done lots of budgeting in the past and am very responsible with funds, especially when it comes to large amounts.”


Chris Ryckman

As a current ASEWU member, Chris Ryckman is hoping to expand his leadership role by running for ASEWU Director of Finance after gaining a year experience and knowledge.

Ryckman said his goals as Director of Finance are to expand campus sustainability, as well as transparency. Ryckman said that he wants to help students become aware of the resources available to them on campus and wants to inform students on how ASEWU can help students reach their full potential.

“I have a lot of leadership experience thanks to being on ASEWU this past year,” said Ryckman. “I know the responsibilities of this position and want to continue improving EWU as much as possible by helping each student as much as I can.”


Academic Affairs


Jevion Knox

As a transfer student, Jevion Knox is running for Academic Affairs Representative and said his goals are to improve academic advising for every student. He also said he wants to help make the transition for transfer students easier by improving resources and making them more available.

Knox said he plans to meet with Scott Gordon, Ph.D to make sure the TRiO program is in the process of coming back to EWU. Expanding diversity on campus by working to get EWU to offer majors in Chicano, African American and Native American studies is another goal Knox said he would like to work on if elected.

“I feel like I bring a different perspective and a lot of initiative to the table,” said Knox. “I’ve been able to experience these things through my own eyes as a transfer student, and I’m going to give the students passion and work for everything and try to better the community. If elected, I will be the voice for everyone here at EWU.”


Teddy Mead

Teddy Mead enters the ASEWU elections as a construction management major and a member of the Phi Delta Theta fraternity. If elected into the Academic Affairs position, his goal is to accurately convey the opinions of students and community members to council.

Recently he has been involved with his fraternity’s annual ALS fundraising event. In this Philanthropic, event people run from Cheney to the iron horses.

“I will do so to the best of my ability and work to increase student involvement and awareness about current issues in the community,” Mead said in his election statement.



Athletic Affairs


Nate Deto

A lifelong athlete and former president of the EWU men’s club soccer team, ASEWU athletic affairs candidate Nate Deto brings relevant experience to the position he is seeking to be elected to. And as a past participant in club sports, Deto is passionate about the entity and what it provides. He desires to boost participation in the clubs if elected athletic affairs representative.

“I’d really like to push club involvement because people come to club, but they don’t want to be super dedicated to it,” said Deto. “It’s [pushing involvement] is influencing people to go and do those club sports because we have those opportunities out there.”


Jake Radawick

The current ASEWU athletic affairs representative, Jake Radawick is seeking reelection in this year’s election. It’s a position Radawick values. 

“I enjoy having the opportunity to be involved on campus and create positive change within the university. Additionally, I appreciate the opportunity through collaboration with the rest of ASEWU’s Council Representatives to be able to benefit and show support to EWU’s own sports clubs and athletes,” Radawick said in his election statement.


Diversity Outreach


Kyle Carroll

With plans to engage in the PRIDE center, Veteran Resource Center, and Chicano and African American Cultural Centers, Kyle Carroll is running for ASEWU Diversity Outreach and said his goal is to bring the identities of the community together without diluting their content.

“I want to be a megaphone for all organizations and students,” said Carroll. “This position as Diversity Outreach Representative brings out my best skill set; I’m a very understanding and approachable person.  As a fifth-year student, I’m ready for action, I want to hone my energy and give back to the entire student population.”


Hanncel Sanchez

Running for the ASEWU Diversity Outreach Representative position, Hanncel Sanchez wants to facilitate a sense of solidarity amongst diverse groups on campus, specifically EWU’s community of DACA students.

Sanchez also said that if elected as the diversity outreach representative, she would like to start both a campus-wide ‘language awareness’ campaign and a sexual assault resource bathroom sticker campaign to help better inform students of available campus resources.

“I would love to use the opportunity to bring solidarity to the undocumented students in the community in our school because I know there are some,” said Sanchez. “I would also like to bring awareness to other marginalized groups like people with disabilities, the LGBT community, survivors of sexual assault. These are groups that are often forgotten about, even within minority communities sometimes they are just pushed aside.”


Graduate Affairs


Will Stotts

No comment.








Legislative Affairs


Kyle Musgrove

With a desire to help better the lines of communication between the EWU student population and the Washington State Legislature, Kyle Musgrove brings his passion for both student and state government to the race for ASEWU’s Legislative Affairs Representative.

Musgrove said he not only wants to tighten the lines of communication between students and the ASEWU Legislative Affairs Representative, but he also wants to make student involvement in the Student Legislative Action Committee a priority if elected. Musgrove would also like to make it a duty of the Legislative Affairs Representative to attend local Cheney City Council meetings.

“Everything in university life comes from the lawmakers in Olympia,” said Musgrove. “[This position] is basically your guy’s voice in olympia, and yet hardly any students on campus know this position exists. I want to get the word out to students and say hey, this is what I’m doing and it’s all for you and your benefit. I want to have your input and I want to keep you guys more in the loop.”


Ben Rowe

As EWU’s current Legislative Affairs Liaison, Benjamin Rowe brings political experience gleaned from his time spent in Olympia to the 2017 ASEWU Legislative Affairs ticket. Rowe said he places high importance on student involvement in state politics, with specific attention given to registering EWU students to vote or helping them modify their registration information.
“The first goal I would set is definitely getting more students registered to vote on-campus,” said Rowe. “One of the bills we were trying to push this year while being the legislative liaison was actually extending the deadline for voter registration, just so we would have more than two weeks at the beginning of the year to run voter registration drives.”


Student Activities


Zack Bowman

Involved in on-campus activities such as Greek Life and intramural sports, Zack Bowman is running for Student Activities representative with the desire to engage more EWU students in activities. Bowman said better representation and vocalization of the many clubs on campus would be one of his primary goals if elected.

“I would just like to see more people out there — not just in greek life or intramurals but in all clubs and organizations,” said Bowman. “Just reading through the job description [of Student Activities Representative], I found pages and pages of clubs that I didn’t even know existed on campus before. I would like to see those recognized better.”


Robert Olivares

Robert Olivares has been making his mark at EWU through political activism. He’s been a familiar face supporting various rallies and protests in Spokane and on campus, regarding rape culture, undocumented students and EWU’s push for to become a sanctuary campus.

Olivares has worked with MEChA, the Multicultural Coalition and La Hermandad de O eMe Te throughout the year. His goal is to increase the attendance of all “different populations” who are overlooked, mentioning transfer students as an example.   

“Not only would I like to increase attendance of students, but also students from different clubs and organizations so students can begin to connect and ‘Start Something Big.’” Olivares said in an his election statement.



Student Health and Safety Services


Efrain Antunez

Efrain Antunez is new to ASEWU scene, but not to political activism. He has worked alongside the Multicultural Coalition, La Hermandad de O eMe Te and MEChA. Throughout the year, Antunez has been a supporter at various rallies and protests on campus and in Spokane, supporting issues regarding domestic violence, EWU’s push to become a sanctuary campus and undocumented students.

Antunez plans to make student voices heard. Currently working towards a bachelor of science degree in social work, Antunez said he sees the EWU community more driven for change when led by student influence.

“I plan to reach out to various students from all types of backgrounds and work with them to make EWU a home away from home,” Antunez said in his election statement.


Ashley Jenniges

Ashley Jenniges has had her hand closely on the pulse of EWU’s push for a tobacco-free campus. On last year’s ASEWU election ballot, students overwhelmingly voted in favor of having tobacco-free campus policy. Since then, Jenniges has worked with students and faculty who support the policy, and has moved forward in presenting it to the university.

As the current Student Health and Safety Services representative, she’s looking to get reelected for a second term.

“If I were re-elected, I would want to continue my work on the tobacco policy and testing center,” said Jenniges. “There is still a ton that needs to be done on both.”

Jenniges is currently talking to other universities who have implemented a service that provides rides to students who don’t feel safe walking home or to their car and wants to put more energy into this project next year if re-elected.


Technology Advancement


Colton Faddis

No Comment.








Jason Schriver

With experience in technology and a job at the Tech Desk, Jason Schriver is running for ASEWU Technology Advancement Representative because he wants to provide EWU students with the best technology possible.

Schriver’s said his goals as Technology Advancement Representative are to make students aware of the tech fee and what it covers, also, all of the technology resources that are available to students here on campus.

“I have experience and knowledge of what goes on,” said Schriver. “By working at the Tech Desk for the past two years and talking to students, I know what they need and am aware of the budget. I want to help students understand and be aware of all the equipment we have at EWU.”