Police Beat May 4

By Kristi Lucchetta, News Editor

Vehicle Prowl
April 19

A male student parked his 2006 blue and gray BMW in the URC parking garage and returned around 1 p.m. As he was getting gas, he noticed some of his belongings were missing. These included his Oakley reading glasses, his cologne, his gym bag containing an iPod, headphones and clothing. He estimated the total cost of these items came to be $12,000. There are currently no suspects or witnesses.



April 24

A male student who rides the bus has had conflicts with another male non-student who also rides the bus. The student saw the male at a Cheney campus bus stop, and during the encounter the male told him he was going to beat him up. The student reported this to campus police. Officers are contacting STA to see if the male could be restricted from coming to the campus bus stop locations.


Driving While License Suspended

April 27

A female student and a male, who is not a student, started arguing in the University Townhouses. The male pushed the female twice, knocking her over the second time, which left her with carpet burns. The male was arrested and booked into the Spokane County Jail.


Alcohol Offense
April 27

An officer was doing a safety check on the fourth floor in Pearce Hall when a male student came walking toward him with a Coors Light beer in his hand. The officer made contact with the student and went to the room he came from. There were two other students in the room and additional alcoholic beverages. The two students had a 0.00 blood alcohol level and the male had a 0.19 blood alcohol level. All three students were referred to Student Rights and Responsibilities and the male was also cited with a minor in possession charge.


Assault/Domestic Violence
April 30

An officer was called to the Townhouse Apartments regarding a male student and female non-student who were fighting. When the male opened the door his face had blood on it. The officers made contact with the male and female, who both appeared to have injuries. The female was holding an infant in her arms when the male assaulted her, leaving marks on her body. She kicked him, which caused him to bleed. The male was arrested and transported to Spokane County Jail.