Police Beat April 27

By Kristi Lucchetta, News Editor

Driving While License Suspended
April 17

An officer observed a vehicle turning onto Washington Street. When he ran the plate it came back that the owner of the vehicle’s license was suspended. The officer pulled over the male student and issued a citation.

Drug Violation
April 19

CAs in Morrison Hall reported an odor coming from one of the dorm rooms. Officers made contact with the male student resident. The student said he was with his friends who were smoking but the officer noticed the window open when it was cold weather. The student consented to a search and officers found a container with marijuana residue inside. The student was cited and referred to Student Rights and Responsibilities.


Assault/Domestic Violence
April 19

A female student and a male, who is not a student, starting arguing in the Townhouse Apartments. The male pushed the female twice, knocking her over the second time, which left her with carpet burns. The male was arrested and booked into the Spokane County Jail.


Alcohol Offense
April 21

A male student was seen on foot by officers in Parking Lot 16 carrying an open container. The officers made contact and discovered the student with an open 40-ounce Steel Reserve. The student was issued a MIP citation and was referred to Student Rights and Responsibilities.


Alcohol Offense
April 23

CAs in Pearce Hall called for medical reasons when a female student appeared very intoxicated in the lobby. The female refused to seek medical treatment, and when officers made contact, she was released her to her roommate. Officers later saw her on a fire escape balcony vomiting. She was issued a MIP citation and referred to Student Rights and Responsibilities.