Editors’ Pick: Roger Federer

Editors' Pick: Roger Federer

Courtesy of Roger Federer

By Brandon Cline

The GOAT of men’s tennis just doesn’t stop. At age 35, Roger Federer has found a new wind in 2017, starting the season 19-1 and winning three titles to add to his ever-growing collection. Federer’s most notable achievement this season has been winning his 18th career Grand Slam title, defeating fierce rival Rafael Nadal in the finals of the Australian Open. This sensational start to the season comes after Federer underwent knee surgery in the midst of the 2016 season, missing five months before revitalizing a career that many had thought was over. But this is Fed, and the only way he’ll go out is on his own terms. And he might just collect a few more shiny trophies along the way.