Weird Instagram Trends You Probably Should(n’t) Try

By Colette-Janae Buck, Chief Copy Editor

The fashion and beauty world is indefinitely geared toward ingenuity and pushing boundaries when it comes to trends and products, but some trends that come from the fashion world are anything but trend-worthy.

My Instagram discover page has been blowing up recently with odd trends coming from the beauty world: namely the so called “feather brows,” glittered undercuts and glossy eyelids. I’m not against experimenting with different looks and styles, but when you look as though you stepped out of a science fiction movie, you’ve probably gone a little too far. But if you’re into that or are daring to try a new look, be aware. These trends seem a little too time and work intensive to be considered an everyday affair.

Glitter and dyed undercuts are the new kids on the alternative hair scene. Perhaps the most gaudy and time extensive look of the three, the glitter undercuts make you look like you fell into a 1990s bedazzling party face-first.

Individuals will get a regular undercut with a geometric design or pattern cut into their hair. While this is a norm for the regular undercut trend, the glitter or dyed undercut takes the alternative style just a little bit further and applies glitter to the areas of cut hair in various colors and textures. Some tutorials even show studs and sequins being glued in between the shapes that were cut into the hair.

Dyed undercuts take this trend of applying designs to one’s hair by having animals and detailed pictures cut into the shortened hair that are then dyed or colored-in to complete the look. While this is a little less ostentatious or time-intensive, the haircut still seems purposeless to maintain in the long term. However, when researching this trend, I found way too many images of mermaid scales and neon-colored cats that almost made me back away from my computer slowly and close Google with the intent of getting a dyed undercut myself.

Feather brows, however, is a completely different story. Feather brows are achieved by finding the midline of your eyebrows and splitting the hair, with half of it brushed upwards and the other half brushed down to mimic the look of a feather.

Clear eyebrow gel is then applied to locked the hairs in place. Now, don’t get this look confused with the complete upward brushing of one’s brows to create an ungroomed and messy look. The object of feather brows is to make your eyebrows look like an actual bird feather. If you’re brave enough to try this trend, be aware that it might make your eyebrows appear a little sparse.

I’ve saved the best of the weird trends for last, glossy eyelids. This look rides the line of weird trend and beauty fad, and can be achieved through many different techniques.

Depending on the amount of money one would want to spend, you can achieve the glossy effect by using a light gloss and applying a thin layer over your eyeshadow. In order to avoid the sticky feeling that comes with using a wet gloss, avoid applying the gloss inside and along the crease. That’s where the sticky feeling comes from.

You can also use lip balm to create a shine effect, but the reflective quality of a lip balm pales in comparison to a full on gloss. Various makeup brands, such as MILK and MAC, do make eye gloss that dries with a shine to help you achieve your look with minimal stick. These products come in around $22 for just 0.5 fluid ounces, so a do-it-yourself method doesn’t sound too bad.