Resume Blitz Comes to Campus Just in Time

By Logan Stanley, Copy Editor

Resumes, they are an essential aspect in any job interview. But what does a sufficient resume actually look like? That, and any other questions related to resumes, will be answered at the Resume Blitz hosted by EWU Career Services on April 27 from noon to 2 p.m. in the Monroe Lounge.

During the session, students can drop by to have their resumes reviewed by employees of career services. Any student can stop in, and there is no fee associated for attendance. For 10 to 15 minutes, an EWU career advisor will sit with students and check for any changes to be made on resumes.

“Resumes are kind of the thing where everybody needs to have one and everybody sort of assumes that somewhere along the line, someone taught you how to [make a resume],” said EWU career advisor Ryan Weldon. “But for most people, that’s not true, and most people don’t actually do it very well.”

Weldon said there are certain things one must avoid doing when it comes to resume building; most tend to make their resumes autobiographical, which is something to shy away from.

Essentially, a resume needs to be minimal while also being thorough, short, simple sentences that get to the point right away. Weldon said that is one of the points career services attempt to make at the event.

“Here’s how you can direct this, make it easier for them to get them the information they want and make it relevant to them so that you’re more likely to get an interview,” Weldon said, referring to how they help at the Resume Blitz.

When a resume comes in, Weldon said advisors look for a few things:

-Good organization and design content

-Neutral colors (vibrant colors recommended against)

-Spelling and grammar

-Displaying yourself in the best light

This year’s Blitz comes at a time where it could be useful since next week is EWU Career Week, and there will be potential employers on-campus.

Career Week will consist of workshops and panels with employers where students can ask questions and directly interact with the panel.


For those building resumes, here are some tips from career services:

  1. Focus on action and activities: what did you do at that your previous job that is going to prepare you for the next job?
  2. It’s not about roles and titles: employers do not care if you were a manager or assistant manager — they care about what you did.
  3. Do not use a template: the ones provided are usually made poorly. Create your own.
  4. It is a process: Your resume is going to go through multiple edits. It is fine if it the resume is not perfect at first try.