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Annual Symposium gives students a chance to show off their hard work


Contributed by Charles Lopez

A student presents his research

By Erin Rebar, A&E and Features Editor

EWU’s annual Research and Creative Works Symposium, which will be celebrating its 20th birthday this spring, will be bringing over 200 EWU student projects to campus May 16 and 17.

“We typically have a lot [of presentations] in the STEM fields, as well as social sciences,” Associate Dean of EWU Charles Lopez said.

The Symposium brings together students from other disciplines as well. The first day of the event focuses on the fine arts. Students will be presenting projects in film, theater, sculpture, painting and other art forms. The second day, students will gather in Hargreaves and Senior Hall to explain their research — from any discipline — through posters and oral presentations.

“What the Symposium does is it allows students to present their work and share their ideas and research and their designs, their sculptures, their art to the campus as a whole, and to have discussions with others about their research and to continue to build knowledge of the discipline,” Lopez said.

The Symposium gives students the chance to participate in an event that will build their resumes and enhance their professional portfolios, said Freddy Vega, the Symposium coordinator. It also allows them to interact with professionals in their field and garner real world experience.

“At the end of every quarter/semester, all our professors gives us major projects to complete and turn in as a grade,” said Vega. “Why wouldn’t you use that research you have put so much time and effort and apply it to the Symposium? Besides getting recognition, and give an extra boost for resumes, students get to have fun doing it. You get a free meal out of it, you get a few goodies such as a t-Shirt, a bag, notebook, pen, etc. Why wouldn’t students take advantage of this?”

Students who wish to participate in the Symposium are required to submit an abstract detailing their work. The deadline for submission has been extended to Friday, April 14.

“I think Eastern has a culture of undergraduate research that’s very positive, and faculty really enjoy working with students on these individual projects,” said Lopez. “The Symposium is a celebration of their work together.”