Men’s 2017 Hairstyle Trends: Just Ditch the Man Bun Already

By Colette-Janae Buck, Chief Copy Editor

A new year, or maybe a new month, is the perfect time to start talking about growth and change. With the start of April and the warm spring weather, it’s even a better time to talk about hairstyle trends, especially trends for men.

I’m just going to come right out and say it — the man bun needs to die.

Now, before you start assuming I’m an outright opponent of the man bun and long hair on guys in general, I’d just like to clarify my spite toward the hairstyle that ruled 2016. At one point in my life, I was absolutely infatuated with the man bun and long hair on guys. I thought it was stylish, effortless and chic, but at the same time it gave the wearer a certain air of rustic rigidness.

Now that we’re four months into 2017 and trends have changed, I can’t help but look toward the dwindling numbers of those still rocking the man bun with an eye of aloofness. To put it plain and simple, the man bun is overdone and stale. The hairstyle has had its run, but I think the long-tressed look on men is better left to the Nordic Gods.

Now if you’re starting to feel personally attacked by my rant on man buns, I’d like to apologize and instead offer you a few trendy but classic hairstyle suggestions to maybe help remedy our conversation that may or may not have gotten off to a rocky start.

Keep it long, but not too long

There’s nothing wrong with a full head of hair on a guy, and in fact, the long “shoulder length” look is still in for 2017, just not the long man bun look. Take point from Joe Manganiello’s hair length in HBO’s “True Blood,” real life Orlando Bloom or Bradley Cooper in “Limitless” after taking the Limitless drug. These guys keep a full head of hair but have mastered the sweet spot length that still gives you that rugged look without the need to pull out a hair tie.

Keep it long, but only on top

The ever popular undercut is another 2017 trend that would appeal to anyone wishing to keep some form of long locs. But the beauty of the under cut is that you can always adjust your length on top to whatever your heart desires. A classic twist on this trendy hairstyle is the slick back undercut. If you’re looking for visualization, David Beckham is your go to celebrity inspiration.

Try a fade or a tapered cut

Cousin to the undercut is the ever popular fade or tapered trend that seamlessly blends your top length into your bottom length, which is usually a short buzzed cut. You can also keep your top length fairly long with this type of cut, but a short topped crew cut or a shorter topped textured tapered cut are two classic options that are both on trend,  stylish and also clean looking. Look to actors Colton Haynes, Alex Pettyfer and Tom Hardy’s current haircuts to glean a little inspiration for your new cut.

In the end, hairstyles and hair cuts, just like clothing and fashion, are ultimately a freedom of choice and expression, but it doesn’t hurt to experiment with trends and new styles. You never know, maybe you’ll find a hairstyle you enjoy so much it makes you want to ditch your man bun and never look back.