Police Beat April 6


Gerald Maib for The Easterner

By Colette-Janae Buck, Chief Copy Editor

Urinating in Public
March 21

An officer was driving on H Street toward Seventh Street when she observed an intoxicated male student urinating in public. When the student saw the officer, he tried to walk away. The student was cited into Cheney Municipal Court and referred to Student Rights and Responsibilites


Driving while license suspended
March 24

An officer was parked on Washington and Seventh Street when she ran a plate of a car. The return on the license plate indicated the car was registered to an individual whose license was suspended in the third degree and who was required to have an interlock system. The officer made contact with the male driver, who voluntarily identified himself as the owner of the car, and cited him into Cheney Municipal Court for driving with a suspended license.


Residential Burglary
March 25

A male student housed in Morrison Hall reported his brown Louis Vuitton wallet and brown and steel Fossil watch stolen, along with $5. The student said he left the room without locking the door before midnight and returned around 1:14 a.m., but he did not realize the items were missing until around 3:30 a.m. The investigation is still pending.


Malicious Mischief
March 24-25

An EWU custodian called in a vandalism incident on the third floor men’s restroom in the Computer Engineering Building. There was gray spray paint on the outside of four stall doors. Officers could not make out any markings or patterns made with the spray paint. The estimated cost of damage is $200.  The investigation is still pending.


March 26

An officer was parked in lot 17 across from Kingston Hall when she observed a vehicle traveling southbound on C Street at a high rate of speed with audible sounds of the engine accelerating. The officer caught up with the vehicle, made contact with the driver and detected an odor of intoxicants coming from the male driver  and the car. The driver was asked to step out of the vehicle and perform a sobriety test. He was arrested on a charge of DUI.


Malicious Mischief
April 1

Officers were called to Brewster Hall when a male nonstudent and a female student, who recently ended their relationship, were arguing. The male started destroying the females belongings that he gifted her while they were dating, including jewelry and clothing. The male was arrested and booked into Spokane County Jail.