Police Beat March 20


Gerald Maib

By Kristi Luchetta, News Editor

March 7

A male student was walking his dog on Washington Street and Elm Street when he said another male punched him in the face. The suspect also told the student that if he stayed on campus it could get worse. He did not know the male who assaulted him but the student said he has been harassed multiple times, which he spoke to Student Rights and Responsibilities about.


March 8

A male, who is believed be homeless, was yelling profanities by the bus stop on campus. A person reported him to EWU police and observed him walking to the JFK Library. When officers made contact in the library, the male was at one of the computer stations. This was not the male’s first trespassing offense on campus and he was arrested.


March 8

A male student left his bicycle on the east side of Brewster Hall, near the gravel pit on March 5 around 8 p.m. He returned on March 7 around 10 p.m. and the bike was gone. The bicycle is a black 2016 Giant model, Talon3, with a green accent worth around $700.


Suspicious Circumstances
March 9

Officers smelled the odor of marijuana on the second floor of Dressler Hall. When officers made contact with the male resident, he said he just came from his friend’s house where people were smoking marijuana. The student did not exhibit any signs of being under the influence and officers did not find any marijuana when they conducted a room search.


March 10

EWU custodial staff said it looked like someone tried to break into the custodial closet in Dressler Hall. The door and lock was bent but nothing seemed to be missing. The damage to the door is about $300.


Alcohol Offense
March 11

An officer parked on Elm observed a male student stumbling on the sidewalk by the URC. When the officer made contact he could smell alcohol on the student’s breath who appeared to have bloodshot eyes. When the officer conducted a portable breathalyzer test, the student had a 0.203 blood alcohol level. He was criminally cited and referred to Student Rights and Responsibilities.