Online Shopping Addictions

By Colette-Janae Buck, Copy Editor

Hi, my name is Colette and I have an online shopping addiction. These would be the words I would say if I was sitting in a group meeting at a 12-step program for shopaholics, as us crazed folk were commonly known as in the mid-2000s. It would be here that I would confess my love for one specific online shopping retailer, ASOS. Even as I’m writing this style column I can’t help but flip back and forth between my column and ASOS’s website.

I have a problem, but for a very good reason. ASOS is one of my favorite online shopping sites for a multitude of reasons.

Operating out of the U.K., ASOS is first and foremost both an aggregator of clothing brands, offering access to over 800+ labels, and an online retailer for their own line, ASOS. I really love the fact that ASOS offers so much variety in both the brands they offer and the types and styles of clothing they sell. Whether it be an edgy, street-style look, a preppy, modern look or a style with urban influences, you can find whatever you’re looking for on ASOS.

Not only can you find a wide range of brands and styles, but ASOS is one of the world’s largest online retailers that offers both their own plus size brand and sells other plus size lines. ASOS Curve, as it’s called, offers US sizes 14-24, with prices of items almost exactly matching the prices of items in sizes 00-12, something that is not common in the world of fashion. ASOS also has a great men’s range, again with the styles of clothing they offer varying widely, and with great prices.

Another reason why ASOS is one of my favorite online shopping websites is because of the fact that they give students 10 percent off their orders. It may not seem like a lot, but when you have upwards of $200 or more worth of items in your cart, that 10 percent can add up quickly to solid savings. Also, shipping and returns with ASOS are easy and sometimes free.

If you spend more than $40, you get free 7-day shipping, and if you spend over $140, you qualify for free 2-day shipping, otherwise you’ll end up paying around $5 for 7-day shipping and $12 for 2-day shipping. Returns are always free with ASOS as they include a return label included in each package, and you usually get your money back within seven to 10 days. It’s handy to have that kind of service as some items on ASOS do not fit true to size.

To avoid sending back your favorite piece, always read the product detail box toward the bottom of the clothing item’s page. Usually the product details will give you the measurements of the model, the model’s size and a sizing chart to help you determine what size will correctly fit you based on your measurements.

Go forth and check out ASOS, and maybe even treat yourself. God knows after this winter we all need a little “Treat Yo’ Self 2017” love.