Sexy and I Know It! Workshop Comes to EWU


Whitney Bolar for The Easterner

Sexy and I Know It! Workshop presents on how to accept your body

By Marco Vargas, for The Easterner

EWU Health, Wellness and Prevention Services (HWPS) created the Sexy and I Know It! Healthy Body workshop to emphasis the importance of health and health support.

“Sexy and I Know It! is a presentation about body image and how we see and perceive ourselves,” Tim Conces, EWU senior and peer health educator, said.

Conces said this presentation is usually done for sororities but is also for every student on campus.

Whitney Bolar for The Easterner

“It is also about making sure how we can change the perception of our bodies into a more positive view,” Sonya Dauncey, EWU freshman and peer health educator, said.

Conces said the HWPS has a workshop every Thursday with different topics and partners with the EWU Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS) to make advertisements.

“It is not just through Health, Wellness and Prevention Services,” said Conces. “We partner up with CAPS quite often to bring presentations to the students.”

Conces said students appreciate the workshop and are getting involved.

“I think the students approve it very well,” said Conces. “They have really good involvement.”

Conces said seeing more people come and participate in the workshop in times to come will be more helpful.

“When I was applying for this job, I was asking some of the issues that people struggle with a lot, and body image was one of the biggest ones,” Dauncey said.

Dauncey said the workshop should definitely be helpful for the students on campus.

Conces said he is looking to see improvements for not just the Sexy and I Know It workshop, but also for others.

“I think getting more involvement from the general student population would be the best improvement that we could make,” said Conces. “Each presentation has unique challenges and opportunities. Everybody is different. Everybody is going to receive the information that we are giving.”

Whitney Bolar for The Easterner
Students listen in on the presentation during the workshop

Conces said the more people HWPS can reach and bring information to, the better HWPS can do its job.

“As well as opening up and having better conversations with more people,” Dauncey said.

Conces said, besides CAPS, HWPS partners with every service on campus to create workshops. HWPS works prominently with Housing Residential Life to put on some of the biggest events, such as Condomania.

Conces and Dauncey said HWPS will do what they can do to inspire students and ensure ideas for healthy benefits.

“By having us here and providing the information in the hopes of making less risky decisions, we can stomp out some of that risky behavior,” Conces said.

Conces said they can help create a healthy and happy campus.

“We try to help people make better decisions healthwise,” said Dauncey. “Especially finding a way to drink safely or how to improve body image.”