Copper Hana’s Service Gets an Upgrade

An increase in staff and a few month’s of extra experience results in a major service speed-up


Erin Rebar for The Easterner

Ebi Fri Roll at Copper Hana ($9)

By Erin Rebar, A&E and Features Editor

Copper Hana, Cheney’s local sushi joint, seems to have gotten its feet under itself after a rather rocky start last spring.

In an article published by The Easterner shortly after the restaurant’s opening, it was noted that Copper Hana’s atmosphere was hip and clean, and the sushi was high quality, but the service was lacking.

According to the article, customers reported waiting at least 15 minutes before receiving any sort of acknowledgment from a server and around 30-45 minutes before being served their orders.

Since then, Copper Hana significantly upped its game.

The last time I visited Copper Hana, I kept my eye on the clock. Though the restaurant was reasonably full, the service I received was startlingly fast. My first contact with a server was just over two minutes after having sat down and my meal, which consisted of hot tea and a sushi roll, was prepared and on my table barely 15 minutes after my arrival.

Kenta Nishimori, Copper Hana’s manager, said the main cause of service improvement at the restaurant is the significant amount of experience the business’s staff now has under their belts. There was a learning curve, Nishimori said, but the staff of Copper Hana is now better trained and more able to cope with the demands of a busy night than before.

Nishimori also said the ability to hire more staff has also helped; during Copper Hana’s first few months of business, quality service was a struggle because the restaurant lacked the appropriate number of staff.

In addition to the improvement in its service, Copper Hana added another ace to its lineup — the addition of a delivery service. According to Copper Hana’s app, the restaurant now offers delivery every day from 5-9 p.m.