Editors Pick: Issue 15

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The Rings – Movie

Kristi Lucchetta

Courtesy of Paramount Pictures

Samara Morgan is back in the new horror film, “Rings.” This is the third film in The Ring, originally released in 2002, that takes place thirteen years prior. The plot is the same as the original two movies, just includes modern technology, where someone watches a video and that person has exactly seven days to show someone else before they die. Rings stars Matilda Lutz, Alex Rowe and The Big Bang Theory actor, Johnny Galecki.


Animal Crossing: New Leaf- Welcome Amiibo

Rosie Perry

Courtesy of Nintendo

The Animal Crossing series has been a top seller of Nintendo ever since it began in 2002, and the latest instalment is better than ever. This installment takes a different approach from that of its predecessors by allowing the protagonist to play as the mayor of their own unique town. The Welcome Amiibo update was released last fall and added exciting new features to game, such as amiibo compatibility. Players can scan compatible amiibos into the game and the character will take their unique RV and camp at the new camp site in your town. Players can then visit the campsite and purchase individualized items from the campers. Animal Crossing: New Leaf is a wonderful choice for casual gamers who love the cute art styles this gave has to offer. The game was recently added to the list of nintendo select games and can be purchased for a mere $20.


EVOLution by Sabrina Carpenter – Music

Natasha Nellis

Courtesy of Hollywood Records

Normally, I wouldn’t recommend music that comes from a Disney Channel star. With a few exceptions, they usually fall flat in the music business and never gain much headway. However, Sabrina Carpenter’s new album, “EVOLution,” impresses. With gems like “Run and Hide” and “Thumbs,” Carpenters speaks to the issues of today’s age with catchy melodies and lyrics that address the issues we all face. Whether you’re looking for a song that pumps you up or slows you down, Carpenter’s surprisingly mature voice is sure to catch and keep your attention.

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