Celebrate beauty and Size Inclusivity with the Ashley Graham x Swimsuits For All 2017 line

By Colette-Janae Buck, Copy Editor

When Ashley Graham, plus size model and body activist, released her first Swimsuits for All collaboration in 2016, I was blown away by what she had included in her very inclusive line. String bikini’s, a chain metal ensemble and a low-cut, lace-up one piece were all pieces that made Graham’s line stand out from the other swimsuits available to those a size 14 and above.

This years line boosts new and more exciting prints and cuts, topping last year’s line offerings by a mile and a half. Launching a campaign featuring models in a range of ages and body types, Graham used the backdrop of a beautiful spanish island to promote her line; a vivid video that included Graham flaunting her curves in each of the campaign’s bikinis makes you long for hot summer days.

Graham expanded her size 6-22 line from just offering swimsuits  to include two types of coverups, the Chica De Playa floral poncho and the Reina Beach Pant that comes in blue and pink cheetah print. Both are priced at $72. The Reina Beach Pant matches both the Profesora Leopard one-piece swimsuit and the Heroina Leopard bikini. The ever on-trend cut of a high-necked bikini top is featured in Graham’s line, as is the classic “Baywatch” high-hipped one piece-cut.

What really puts this year’s line apart from last years is the variety of two-piece bikini cuts included in the self-proclaimed inclusive line. While she did include a basic string bikini, Graham’s first line relied heavily on dynamic one-piece suits, such as the one-shouldered mesh number; the 2016 line really followed the age-old trend of encouraging plus size women to cover up. This year’s line, however, has taken the opposite route and instead provides a range of bikini’s for all to flaunt what their momma gave them. While the one-piece cuts are still dynamic and risque, the offerings of various bikini’s has me really smittened with this line.

My personal favorite is the “Guapa” bikini. Priced at a steep $88, the bright pink and red strappy bikini sits low on the shoulders and acts like a wrap top that cups the chest and ties around to a bow in the back. The bottoms are structured similarly, with harsh diagonal lines that curve up and over the hips to criss-cross in the back, echoing the silhouette of the bikini top. Graham models this bikini perfectly in the promotion photos and video. Its lines give the wearer a soft, yet powerful feel.

The “Jefa Black” bikini is another unique and powerful swimsuit piece that also plays with the criss-cross and angle details while also offering the high neckline look. It’s also priced at $88, a tempting but alarming price.

Looking through the various options offered by the line, I am quite drawn to the “Princesa Tropic” bikini, with its simple silhouette and intriguing tropical pattern, and the Valiente one-piece swimsuit, which plays off the “Baywatch” cut mentioned above and the low-cut chest. It’s also such a simple swimsuit, and I admire the cut as it would look flattering on any body shape.

Graham’s commitment to size diversity really shines through in her latest collaboration with Swimsuits for All. The range of cuts, styles, sizes and prints makes me excited for summer to arrive. If you’re thinking of joining me in purchasing a piece from Graham’s collection, you can pre-order the suit of your choice on Swimsuitsforall.com which will ship out Apr. 3, but you’d better hurry. I’ve been watching the sizes to make sure I’m able to snag my suit, and they’re going fast.