Explore your Inner Fashion Designer with Covet Fashion

By Colette-Janae Buck, Copy Editor

It’s week six of winter quarter, you know what that means.

Midterms are approaching and you’re probably in desperate need of another excuse to put off studying. Enter Covet Fashion, an application for both iPhone and Android that allows fashionistas to create outfits and enter contests on the app to win in-app clothing items, dollars and diamonds. You can then use those in-app currencies to purchase other items of clothing for other style challenges as the app calls them.

I’ve been obsessed with this game on and off for around three years now, frequently starting and stopping my gameplay, but I always come wandering back because of the satisfaction of being able to create outfits is too appealing. Recently, I’ve been drawn back into the world of Covet, finding their app upgrade, clothing additions and style challenges to be far more superior than the app’s previous additions.

In Covet, you have free range to create any look and outfit with the clothing items you buy in the app’s store. The items offered change by season, just like they would in the real-life fashion world.

You then use the items you buy to enter style challenges where you can earn in-app Covet dollars, diamonds and special items of clothing. Each style challenge has certain item requirements that you must include in your outfit in order to be able to submit the look.

The supreme object of the game is create a “top look” that matches the description of the style challenge that’s given to you. You are then rated out of five stars by your fellow coveters on how well your outfit fit the theme and how stylish it is. If you do achieve a top look, you are awarded $5,000 diamonds. Diamonds are essentially used to purchase exclusive clothing items or items given as prizes for scoring over a four star rating on a style challenge that you failed to win.

With clothing categories ranging from accessories like hats and gloves to vests, tops, shoes and pants, the outfit possibilities are endless in Covet.

Once you create an outfit, you enter the contest by using the tickets you earn by logging in everyday or by voting on looks submitted to other style challenges by other individuals. Daily diamonds are also given alongside daily tickets, so you don’t always have to get a top look to earn diamonds. The more style challenges you enter and win, the higher your style score becomes.

If you so choose to, you may also join a fashion house, such as StatementinStilettos and Gone Rouge, which allows you to share closet items for regular challenges and enter rally challenges created by the fashion house’s leader where you can receive prizes, such as diamonds or other items of clothing, for winning.

Adding friends on Facebook who play Covet and joining a fashion house are great ways to extend your closet, as you can “borrow” items of clothing from the closets you are connected to. It’s a great way to save your in-game Covet cash if you need an item for a style challenge that you don’t already have.

Covet Fashion is an enjoyable game that sucks you in the moment you first scroll through the clothing categories. This app also allows me to satisfy my craving for creating high-fashion and street style looks that I would love to wear but can’t afford to purchase on my college student budget. I know I’ll be using it as an excuse to skip out on studying for my midterms.