Take the Stress out of Getting Dressed


Gerald Maib

By Colette-Janae Buck, Copy Editor

If you’re anything like me, you’ve probably left planning your Valentine’s day hair, makeup and outfit to the last minute. You pushed it to the back of your mind, hoping to just throw something together that you pulled out of the back of your closet three hours before your date.

Don’t worry girl, I’ve got you covered. Here are some tips and suggestions to help ease those panic-stricken three hours.

First, think about what type of Valentine’s day date you’ll be going on and what the mood, so well say, will be. Is it going to be casual, formal or adventurous? Will you be sitting a lot, like during a fancy dinner or while seeing a movie? Or will you be moving while playing laser tag?

From there, you can begin to build your outfit around what activity you’ll be partaking in during your valentine’s date. If you don’t know what your date has planned, stick to the rule of being overdressed rather than underdressed.

Casual Valentine’s dates or casual dates in general happen to be one of  favorite types of dates. They’re low key and relaxed, allowing for optimal interaction without the pressure of a formal setting, which often comes with abundant social expectations.

Keep your outfit, makeup and hair simple yet put together for a casual movie date or similar engagement. A large sweater or cardigan with a comfy t-shirt underneath pairs nicely with skinny jeans and either a pair of boots or your favorite sneakers. Keep your makeup minimal and stick to a soft and effortless hairstyle, like curls or waves, to complete the casual look.

Formal outfits a little more tricky to put together because, depending on the place you’re going to for you date, it may be more formal or less formal than what you consider to be “formal.” A classic black dress, no matter how cliche it is, is your best bet. Whether it be a bodycon, fit and flare or a-line. Sticking to a simple color with a recognizable silhouette with allow you to slip through even the toughest formal settings. Pair the dress of your choice with any type of heel and keep your makeup simple and focused, highlighting only one or two of your favorite facial features. A smokey eye with a subtle contour and a nude or pink lip is a go-to favorite of mine for any formal occasion. Top your look off with one of my favorite hairstyles, the wrap-around braid crown. If this look is too polished for you, try playing around with the amount of hair you exclude out of your braid to create a more messy and playful look.

Non-traditional dates, such as going laser tagging or dancing, requires you to be able to move. Following the fundamentals listed for a casual date, stick to wearing pants that are stretchy enough to afford you your full range of motion. Skip the sweater look and instead dress in layers so you’ll be kept warm while you’re outside but you won’t die of heat stroke while you participate in your activities. Makeup again should be kept simple and minimal if you plan to engage in athletic activities, and always, always have a spare hair tie just in case you need to tuck your locks away.

Go forth my fellow lazy girl and have a wonderful Valentine’s day date!