EWU Campus Officer Talks Safe Dating Tips

By Colette Janae-Buck, Copy Editor

Students and young adults use online dating apps, such as Tinder or Bumble to meet, connect and form relationships with their peers. The ease of connection and swiping right  to find a date does not come without its dangers, however.

Tiffinni Archie, K9 officer with the EWU campus police, recommends students be hypervigilant about their surroundings, their clothing, their dates clothing and car for any and all dates that were arranged online.

“Meet somewhere in public first and know your exact location,” said Archie. “That way, if you have to call 911, the dispatcher can help locate you.”

Letting someone you trust know where you’ll be, who you’ll be with and what you’ll be wearing in case anything does go wrong are also great ways to ensure safety and peace of mind when meeting individuals offline.

“Give out as much information to people you trust as possible,” said Officer Archie. “Send a picture of the person you’re going to see and even take a selfie of your outfit.”

Asking a person’s first and last name and approximate age are two other pieces of information. Archie said individuals who are planning to meet someone offline should get  this information before agreeing to meet the person. Archie also suggests facetiming or Skyping before meeting in person in order to help put a live person to a face and a name.

If a date does go south, the procedures for reporting a crime vary depending on the police jurisdiction you’re in, Archie said. Students who are meeting individuals for the first time on campus are encouraged to call the Campus Police line if they feel unsafe or threatened in a situation.  

“If it’s a crime in progress, call 911,” said Archie. “If it’s something else, call our 359 number. We’ll always be willing to come down and assess the situation.”  

If students are off campus, Archie recommends calling 911, which will then direct you to where and what department you can receive help from.

“You can always call 911 if you feel in fear,” said Archie. “They’ll direct you. Never hesitate.”