Style Nest Issue 12

Build a better Spring wardrobe with these six essential pieces


By Colette-Janae Buck, Copy Editor

So many funky trends and styles showed up on the runways of New York’s Men’s fashion week this past January. However, instead of reviewing trends that aren’t real life appropriate, I wanted to bring men’s fashion a little closer to home by offering advice to the guys of EWU as we all transition from our winter wearings to our spring ones.

Dressing yourself in the morning shouldn’t be hard, nor should it really be alarmingly simple either. If you find yourself staring at a closet of clothing without a clue as to what to wear besides what you did the day before, listen up. You’ve got a wardrobe that needs a little help in the essentials department.

Essentials, or basic items of clothing that an individual should have in their wardrobe at all times, are versatile pieces that allow you to mix and match the more bizarre or particular pieces of clothing you have in your greater wardrobe. They’re simple, inexpensive and can often become the center pieces of your outfits if you favor a more casual look.

When starting to shop for your essential items to reorganize and rebuild his wardrobe, one of the very first purchases that should be made, is a well-fitted, collared shirt. It’s the most basic and versatile item you could own.

The brand doesn’t have to be anything fancy, in fact, a well fitted $10 collared shirt from H&M would look just as good as an expensive one from Macy’s. It is literally all about the fit of the shirt and how it looks on your body.  

Four key areas to focus on when deciding if a collared shirt is the right fit for you are the neck, the shoulders, the chest and the torso. Make sure the shirt’s collar does not fit too snugly around your neck. You should be able to fit two fingers between the top of the shirt and your neck when the collar is buttoned to the top. Watch the distance between the collar and where the sleeves are attached to the shirt.

The sleeve seams of a properly fitted collared shirt should  sit right at the very base of the shoulder where it joins your arm. Your chest should also be able to fill out a properly collared shirt without making the contours of your body visible. Lastly, make sure the cut of the shirt follows the contours of your torso closely and creates a clean line without hugging your sides too tightly. It should also not leave too much leftover fabric when tucked into pants.

For spring, sweaters are an absolute must if you’re looking to streamline your wardrobe while still maintaining a sense of style and ease. Monochromatic, soft fabric options like cotton and cashmere are great for when you’re layering and do not want to bulk up your look. Thicker knits are usually better for when you want the layers for warmth, or for when you aren’t feeling layering at all. You can also combine both your collared shirt and your sweater together to create a well-kempt and easy look that can be dressed up or down.

Coats can a tricky thing to master when building a wardrobe, especially a spring wardrobe. You want a coat thick enough to make sure you’re warm during the morning and night but thin and stylish enough to be used as an accessory layer during the day. Straight cut or structured coats with hoods in neutral colors such black or grey are great. Try out different materials, such as leather or thicker cotton, to help keep you warm and your outfit put together.