Style Nest Issue 11

Mastering the “no makeup” makeup trend

By Colette-Janae Buck, Copy Editor

Winter is a rough time for motivation, and specifically for me, it’s a rough time to put any effort into doing my makeup in the mornings before class.

There’s something about the lack of sunlight at 7 a.m. that makes me want to pull the covers over my head, sleep in as late as possible and skip the heavy foundation and eye makeup before leaving the house with a jumbo coffee. Essentially, when winter comes, I get lazy, and there’s nothing professional about being lazy.

To combat this, I resort to one of my go-to makeup looks for any season, the ever classic and timeless “no makeup” makeup look. With its softly stained lips, lightly contoured and blushed cheeks and curled eyelashes, the “no makeup” look is quick, simple and great for if you’re in a hurry but still want to look presentable and polished.

Before starting any makeup routine, I always engage in taking careful care of my skin. Everyone’s skin is vastly different, and how you take care of your face can vary from person to person, but for me, I tend to use Purity Made Simple as a face wash, which is then followed up with a generous glob of aloe vera gel and Tarte’s maracuja facial oil. When applying the maracuja oil, I’m careful not to apply too much because, although my skin is usually combination to dry and Tarte claims the oil combats excess oiliness, I still find it can cause my skin to become too oily throughout the day. I do find that my makeup does stick better after using the oil, however.

After you’ve made sure to create nice base with your skincare routine, the next step is to perfect that base in the most discreet way possible. I find that when I go for the “no makeup” makeup look, I tend to favor using either Chanel’s Le Blanc, a makeup base which claims to create a dewy and brighter facial appearance, or MAC’s loose mineral powder foundation. Both of these types of bases and foundations give the skin a softer appearance that’s light and more natural looking. They also both feature SPF protection which is vital to both your skincare routine and helping protect your skin.

Concealer is something that I use sparsely in my no makeup routine unless my skin needs a little more coverage. Usually, I just place a few dots under my eyes before blending out with a rounded and fluffy concealer brush. A light dust of powder over the placed concealer is a great way to keep the coverage locked in place while still preserving the goal of a natural appearance.

I then move on to my eyes and brows. For me, the less products I use the quicker the application time and the easier my makeup bag is to travel with. One way I cut down on the amount of products I use and carry with me is to use an ashy brown powder shadow as both my contour color and the color I use to define my eyelid crease. I find it creates the perfect amount of shadow that would be found on my face naturally while also providing a sense of continuity in my makeup. Brows are one of the more tricky aspects of the “no makeup” makeup look. I tend to favor using just a brow gel to help groom my untamable eyebrows, but depending on the thickness of your brows, you may be better off taking a few more minutes in the morning to lightly fill them in with either a brow pencil or a brow pomade. It also depends on your preference.

Still focusing on the eyes, I use a dark eyeliner pencil that matches either the color of my eyelashes or the color of my mascara and place an even line of the color as closely to my lash line as possible. My current favorite pencil to use for lining my eyes is Lancome’s Le Crayon Khol. It applies smoothly without shedding too much product. I then highlight in the inner corner of my eye with shimmering champagne eyeshadow by Benefit to help highlight my eyes and bring attention to the center of my face. From there, I gently curl my eyelashes and apply either Benefit’s “They’re Real” lash primming mascara in mink-brown or Urban Decay’s Perversion mascara in black.

Lastly, I finish my “no makeup” look with a small stain of Benefit’s Benetint lip and cheek stain in red. Using the popular Korean makeup trend of applying the lip stain on the inner portion of my lips only, I look to create fuller and more naturally colored lips. I then follow with a generous coat of EOS lip balm to complete the look.

Having this “no makeup” routine in my beauty arsenal has been a great time and life saver for when I just wake up wanting to go back to bed. It lets you appear polished and professional without having to spend copious amounts of time and energy perfecting your winged eyeliner. Plus, it’s effortless. If you’re looking for a great way to highlight your natural features and save time, try playing around with the makeup you have to create a go to “no makeup” makeup look that works for you. You’ll thank me later when you only have twenty minutes to get ready.