Einstein BrosBagels Has Their Grand Opening


Ivone Garza

Students crowded in line for the grand opening of Einstein Bros Bagels in 2017.

By Marco Vargas, for The Easterner

Einstein Bros Bagels is a new dining restaurant located at the Tawanka building in EWU. It officially opened on Dec. 12, 2016 during EWU’s winter break.

Since its opening, Einstein Bros Bagels has been a major attraction for the students of EWU.

“Students have been very happy with it,” said Matt Loui, manager of Einstein Bros Bagels, EWU Catering Department and Eagles Express Market. “It is something fresh and new on campus because it is a nationally recognized franchise that also brings credibility.”

Einstein Bros Bagels has seemingly grown as a favorite for EWU students.

“I have heard of it before,” said EWU student Cory Loye. “It is really good. It is nice and quick. I think it has become a favorite, or the most favorite on campus. I give it a 8 out of 10.”

EWU student Claire Rich said she would recommend Einstein Bros Bagels to students who had never heard of it before.

“I recommend it,” said Rich. “It is a favorite for students and pretty popular. I enjoy it a lot.”

Loui said because the redesign project of the Pence Union Building (PUB), EWU needed to provide more dining for the students. This is one reason why the university decided to bring Einstein Bros Bagels to its campus.

“It’s been popular around the area with Gonzaga and Washington State University (WSU),” said Loui. “They’ve had huge successes with Einstein Bagels.”

Loui also said that since the PUB’s food services are no longer available, Einstein Bros Bagels had to fill that void for students.

Picking Einstein Bros Bagels over other dining options was a solution to fix a few problems. The lack of breakfast was one of them.

“We did some market surveys,” said Loui. “We saw that we are lacking breakfast options. This was a nice fix to it. We wanted to bring a nationally recognized name.”

Loui also said that EWU is still working on the restaurant to make better progress and improve its processes.

“We had some construction issues that we had to work through when we first opened,” said Loui. “We opened without a walk-in cooler and freezer. We are still trying to catch up and perfect our processes.”

Loui said because they opened over the winter break, many of their student employees were gone but they are still moving forward and trying to get better. He is asking the students on campus to be patient.

Loui also manages the phone app system called Tapingo, which he is anticipating to be available sometime in February but is not certain on the details yet.

Loui also announced that he will do a slow Tapingo rollout week by week.

“I am not going to open up the full menu,” Loui said. “When I do release Tapingo, I might do just the drinks for the first week. Then the second week, I will have drinks and sandwiches. Then on the next week, I will do drinks and bagels. And then the next week, I’ll open up the sandwich menu. Tapingo is going to double our capacity.”