Style Nest: Subscription boxes are Ideal for a budget-crunched student on the go

Style Nest: Subscription boxes are Ideal for a budget-crunched student on the go

Colette-Janae Buck

By Colette-Janae Buck, Copy Editor

Two of the most difficult to come by concepts for college students in today’s age are time and money. We have no time to shop, play video games or converse with our friends down at the bar because we’re working and studying. We have no time to really work and make a sufficient amount of money because we’re also studying, and what suffers, sadly, is our wardrobe.

Leggings, Eagle gear sweatshirts and Sorel boots have become such a common trend on campus that I can only infer that my fellow Eagles might need a push in the right direction to get their winter wardrobe in order while still bowing down to the constant time and money constraints that college demands.

Enter clothing subscription boxes. You’ve undoubtedly heard about them, their ease and how fashionable they will make you while they help you rebuild your wardrobe from the ground up. But are they really worth it to a struggling college student? It depends on how much you’re willing to spend and what type of monthly arrangement you are looking for.

Different boxes have different methods of how you pick out your clothes and how you pay for them, but the overall concept is pretty much universal.

Boxes like Five Four Club, a men’s style box, offer trendy clothing for a flat membership rate of $60 per month. You keep all the clothing that is sent to you
which can total up to or over $120 dollars worth of clothing. When signing up, there are four style profile options to choose from, casual, forward, classic and mixed. Once you choose which profile best describes you, you are asked to choose between either a complex color scheme or a more neutral color scheme and your clothing size, which ranges in availability from small to XXXL for tops and from 29 to 44 in pants sizes. Finally, you are asked what kind of fit you prefer for your bottoms. The options range from slim to relaxed fit, but some fits are not available in certain sizes.

With Five Four club, because they are an independant brand that makes the clothing they ship in house, they don’t accept returns on the items you’re sent.

Boxes like Stitch Fix, a subscription box for both men and women, offers a buy or return type of box. You are charged an initial $20 styling fee per month for the box you receive which features five items of clothing. After three days, you can choose to either send the clothing back and receive your next box, or you can take the styling fee and apply it to the cost of any pieces or items of clothing you want to purchase from that month’s box. Keep in mind, whatever you do not send back you will be charged for.

Signing up for Stitch Fix a little more complicated than Five Four Club. You’re asked to first create an account, by either entering your email or logging in with Facebook. You are then required to take a style quiz which asks you your dress size and your body measurements. From there, Stitch Fix asks you a variety of questions regarding your personal style, what specific body parts you enjoy flaunting or highing, what items you most enjoy wearing and what price ranges your prefer for the items you receive. You also have the option to tell Stitch Fix what items you constantly want included in your box or what items you would rather not have included. Stitch Fix will also be offering options for plus size individuals come Spring 2017.

With Stitch Fix, you do end up paying more in the long run compared to Five four Club, as you have to buy the clothing you want to keep, but you get to experience more choices, have more control over what you receive and are not forced to keep items of clothing you don’t like.

If you are thinking of subscribing, be sure to check what kind of deals different box services have as most have offer first time buyer discounts.

As I said, different boxes have different methods of providing you with the items to build and expand your wardrobe beyond the common college trend of leggings and College sweatshirts. The boxes allow you to experience fashion trends and play around with your own style while not having to be stuck at the mall, shelling out cash that you could be saving for other things.
In short: If you’re looking for an effortless way to step up your style game, subscription boxes offer you a set of stairs to use with ease.

Gerald Maib