Police Beat


Gerald Maib

By Kristi Lucchetta, News Editor

Warrant arrest
December 17
Attendees of the most recent EWU football game complained about a disturbance in Section C. Officers made contact with the individual who originally gave a false name. The male admitted later that he had a warrant out for his arrest for theft. He was arrested and charged. The male was not an EWU student.


Drug Violation
December 28
A car was pulled over for a traffic stop when two males made a right turn into a barricaded off road. The driver was driving with a suspended license in the third degree. The passengers license was also suspended and he could not drive the car. Officers also found a white plastic bag that contained methamphetamines. The passenger was taken to Spokane County Jail. Neither one of the males are EWU students.


Theft, Open Area
January 1
A female student reported $450 worth of her clothes stolen out of the EWU townhouses laundromat around 7 p.m. Some neighbors said they saw a grey 1980s model car with a heavy set male and stocky female waiting in their car around that timeframe.


Drug Violation
January 6
CAs in Dressler Hall reported they could smell an odor of marijuana coming from the second floor. Officers made contact and found a male and female student in the dorm room. A small amount of marijuana was found in their possession and they were referred to Student Rights and Responsibilities.


Tampering with fire alarm equipment
January 7
Officers responded to a CA reporting a male student having a bag over his fire alarm in his dorm in Pearce Hall. Officers made contact and the student said he put the bag over the alarm so he could vape. The student was arrested for tampering with fire alarm equipment.