Review: The Mason Jar

By Mia Manzanares, Staff Writer

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The Classic, a breakfast sandwich filled with sausage, bacon, sharp cheddar, egg and homemade garlic aioli sauce, is the number one most popular breakfast item on The Mason Jar menu. Pairing the meal with a strong, smooth, black americano is the perfect balance for a great breakfast meal.

This isn’t your average PUB sausage muffin.  The biscuit is flakey and the perfect texture, almost potato like but with the flavor of a biscuit. It is layered with a garlic aioli sauce, a surprise you would want in every sandwich. An aioli sauce is often compared to a mayonnaise, but it has a base of olive oil and garlic mixed with other components such as herbs, lemon and whipped egg yolks.

The bacon is chewy with a hint of smoky flavor, and pairs well with every component in the dish. It is all about texture in this breakfast and the bacon gives the texture of being chewy and hardy, which is needed in the pillows of every other food on the plate.

The egg isn’t a fried egg. It is a pillowy baked egg and adds a subtle egg taste to the sandwich. Next is the sausage patty, which is tender as can be and gives the sandwich a different dimension. It is the reminder of being in your hometown, having a Jimmy Dean sausage patty but it is so much better than that; it isn’t overpowering by any means.

On the bottom is the sharp cheddar cheese. Unlike other sandwiches where the cheese is lost, on this sandwich you can taste every layer, including the cheese.

Containing every single component to a great meal, The Classic is a great breakfast sandwich. It is salty, meaty, smoky, flaky and buttery. It is exactly the breakfast you’d want to start your day with.