Students dress up early in hopes of creating more Halloween spirit

By Erin Rebar, A&E and Features Editor

For some students, Halloween is a time to show off their love of creating and wearing costumes.

“We are told that we are not supposed to dress up anymore because we are not kids.  I think that’s stupid,” said Mary Wirkkala, a fourth year student at EWU. “This is a lot of fun. Why should kids be the only ones who get to have this much fun?”

Mary Wirkkila as a plague demon
Erin Rebar Mary Wirkkila as a plague demon

Wirkkala, along with some of her friends, has prepared a diverse range of costumes for Halloween week. Some of the looks she plans on creating include an elf from Dragon Age Inquisition and a character from the Cartoon Network show, Steven Universe. Earlier in the week, Wirkkala dressed as a beheaded queen of hearts, an ice dragon, a broken doll, a plague demon and a witchy spider queen.

“I’m looking forward to doing my dragon costume because it’s a set of things I haven’t combined before,” said Wirkkala. “I also really love doing my dragon age elf costume just because it looks so well put together and I love going for medieval/renaissance looks.”

EWU senior Avery Christenson, will be joining Wirkkala on Halloween as part of a cosplay group of Steven Universe characters. Christenson will be dressing as Ruby from the show.

“I was joking around with a couple of friends about how much we wanted to do a Steven Universe cosplay group and one thing led to another until I was researching body paint and trying to figure out the best way to glue a gem to my hand,” Christenson said.

Avery Christenson as Ruby
Ruby Christenson Avery Christenson as Ruby

Both Wirkkala and Christenson incorporated a variety of hand-made and store bought items into their creations, as well as items already in their closets.

“A costume doesn’t have to look professionally done,” said Christenson. “It’s cheesy, but the most important part of costuming is making something you enjoy and can be proud of, even if it takes a few tries to get there.”

In the end, Wirkkala said she hopes that more students will give costuming a shot.

“Start dressing up early in October,” said Wirkkala. “Make it a trend. It’s a ton of fun and I would love to be able to see everyone else pulling out their best outfits.”