Eagle Point will build over 100 new apartments by next fall

By Katie O'Boyle, for The Easterner

Since last spring, Eagle Point Apartments have been doing construction and expanding. Eagle Point Apartments houses many EWU students and will eventually have 120 brand new apartments opening.

As of today the assistant manager, Ben Grover said there are 540 units. There is a mix of different sizes of rooms but all of the same sizes are grouped together in one complex; the one bedroom’s are in one building, two bedrooms are in one bulding, and so on.

At the beginning of fall quarter 2017, there will be 660 apartments. The newer complexes have doors on the outside of the hallways to keep people safe in case of an intruder. They also have wider hallways than the older ones.

Once the newer ones are built, prices may go up, but they may even go down, said the managers. The apartment sizes that are most likely to go down would be the one bedroom, two bedroom and four bedroom apartments. The studios are likely to go up once the construction is finalized. The prices currently range from $715 to $1525.

EWU junior Rebecca Tarbert said that it is a really quiet community, even considering all of the construction they are doing. She said she thinks she is getting what she is paying for.

EWU junior Kendall Calvert said she thinks all of the expanding they are doing is a good thing and that it will bring in a lot more different kinds of people. She also said she does not mind the prices, and that it is a good sign that the apartments are relatively pricey.  

Eagle Point Apartments plan on continuing construction throughout this year and the summer. They will complete construction and expanding by next fall quarter.