Anything can happen late night at Zips

By Logan Stanley, Staff Writer

Unlike most college towns, Cheney is home to only one 24-hour restaurant. That restaurant is Zip’s Drive-In, located at 911 1st Street. In fact, there is only a handful of businesses around town who are open past 11 p.m.

Given this unique set of hours, Zip’s provide some very memorable moments.

“A fight broke out between a guy and a girl,” said Megan Gosser, a manager at Zip’s. “Then a bunch of girls ended up chasing the guy down and beat him up in the lobby.”

These incidents, combined with their vast menu and 24 hour service, are why Zip’s has become infamous in the pop culture of EWU and Cheney. It is why the EWU athletic department focuses on it during student-athlete introduction meetings.

Nothing good happens at Zip’s between 11 p.m. and 5 a.m, EWU athletic director Bill Chaves said at a September presentation to student-athletes. In other words, do not go there at night.

The late-night incidents are not exactly a rare occurrence either.

“[It] happens a lot, those late-night fights,” said Gosser. “Cops get called. Especially on Fridays and Saturdays after the bars close.”

A majority of those fights involve EWU students, said Gosser, and the EWU police department.

Not all late night trips involve violence. In fact, Gosser contends that being open 24 hours is beneficial for company business.

When looking at the menu, it is not hard to figure out why it is a popular destination after the bars. Late night food enthusiasts can choose from an array of gut busters.

For the nightcrawlers and early risers, the breakfast menu offered at 4 a.m. is just as greasy and hearty as the lunch/dinner menu. From hash browns to breakfast sandwiches to half-pound burgers, it is greasy food galore.

When looked at comparatively, EWU students are not given the same opportunity as their counterparts at Gonzaga and Whitworth.

For example, in Spokane there are over 15 food locations that are opened past 11 p.m. Gonzaga had an enrollment of 7,572 in 2015-2016 and Whitworth University had 2,991. Those combine 10,563 total students. In Cheney, there are only five food locations open past 11 p.m. EWU had an enrollment of 12,361 in 2015- 16.

Even though Cheney has a lot of students mouth to fill, Zip’s is the one and only restaurant that provides students greasy food at any hour of the night.