EWU student suffers life-threatening injuries from assault at The Grove


Rosie Perry

By Kristi Lucchetta, News Editor

EWU junior Robert Drew  Schreiber was a victim of assault after being brutally beaten by three male suspects the night of October 8. The assault left Schreiber with multiple skull fractures and bleeding in the brain, according to court documents.

Two of the three suspects, John T. Mellgren and Damian Dunigan Jr., were charged with attempted first-degree murder and booked into Spokane County Jail.

According to court documents, the incident started when Mellgren and Dunigan, along with the suspect not yet found, chased Schreiber through the Grove Apartment Complex after Schreiber reportedly smashed the rear window of Mellgren’s car with his knee and fled.

The suspects then exited the vehicle and caught up with Schreiber in the Grove basketball courtyard repeatedly punching and kicking Schreiber while he lay on the ground, according to court documents.

When the suspects left the courtyard, Schreiber escaped to an apartment building. The suspects shortly returned to the area, one of them was carrying a baseball bat while yelling “we will smash all the windows if you don’t give him up.”

According to court documents, a witness stated she was in her apartment when she heard loud banging at her front door. When she looked through the peephole she saw an unknown male yelling and asking for help. The witness opened the door once Schreiber left with the suspects following him. She found blood covering the front door and the ground.

Around 1:30 a.m., a witness spotted Schreiber staggering towards the front entrance of the complex. The witness then saw the suspects catch up with Schreiber and begin to strike him in the head with a baseball bat three to four times.

Officers said they believed  the suspect who struck Schreiber with the bat to be Dunigan. The other two suspects kicked the victim repeatedly in the torso as he lay on the ground.

Schreiber was found by officers semi-conscious and breathing with multiple blunt-force-trauma injuries on areas of his body, ranging from his knees to his head. He was transported to Sacred Heart Medical Center where he was put in a medically-induced coma and placed on a ventilator.

“Drew is the typical student athlete, hard-working, dedicated and motivated to improve,” said Chris Shane, EWU Men and Women’s Head Cross Country Coach. “We are supporting the family and running with heavy hearts but know that Drew would want us to run hard.”

Mellgren told Detective Hobbs that Dunigan was the last one to have the bat. The bat appeared to have blood smears and was bent indicating that whatever it had impacted was with a tremendous amount of force, according to court documents.

As Mellgren was being transported to jail, Detective Hobbs noted what appeared to be blood stains on Mellgrens shoes and they were taken into evidence.

Detective Hobbs said he believes their actions show premeditation; any reasonable person would know that striking another human in the head with a metal baseball bat hard enough to bend could kill someone.

Mellgren and Dunigan have their next court appearances scheduled for October 25 at 10 a.m. at the Spokane County Courthouse. Their bonds are set for $1 million.