One-on-One with EWU soccer goalkeeper Mallory Taylor

By Karen McCormick, For the Easterner

EWU senior goalkeeper Mallory Taylor transferred to EWU her junior year. With a .875 save percentage, she has helped lead the Eagles to six shutout wins in the 2016 season so far, and has recorded eight shutouts in her EWU career.

Mallory Taylor setting the ball down for a goal kick earlier in the season
Abbi Vance Mallory Taylor setting the ball down for a goal kick earlier in the season

The Easterner (E): As one of the seniors on the team, what has it been like for you to watch the team grow and improve into the team it is today?

Mallory Taylor (MT): Over the past two years that I’ve been here, like the improvements that we’ve made … has been amazing. There’s been a lot of drastic changes and it’s clearly going in the right direction.

E: What has been your favorite game memory so far this season?

MT: That’s a tough one. Probably when we beat Idaho because that’s always such a rival game. We’re always one and two with them, so we just go back and forth constantly. So beating them when we tied them last year was a really good motivational thing.

E: You guys just had your third straight shutout against Weber State. How does it feel to not only win, but to have three straight shutouts?

MT: It’s really good, but it doesn’t just come back all to me. Of course the defensive line is a big influence. M’Kenna, Laci, Maia, Megan, they’re all a big help. I cover their butts, but I mean they also get mine. We finally just really connected and started meshing well together. So we finally hit our stride and now we’re going up.

 E: You guys have had a great season so far, what are your hopes for the rest of the season?

MT: Of course to just keep going up and hopefully host the tournament for the Big Sky Conference.

E: As a goalie, you have a different perspective of the game. What is something people might underestimate about your position?

MT: Probably the mental aspect. For the whole game, you have to not only be physically involved, but also mentally. It can be draining; this position isn’t for everyone.

E: What has been the most challenging part about the season so far?

MT: Probably that we are such a young group … coming together has been a challenging part. But I mean we’ve overcome any adversity that we’ve had with being young or being small. We’ve clearly shown time and time again that we can run with the biggest of them.

E: What is it like playing on the home field versus playing an away game? Is there much of a difference or are you guys too focused on the game to notice?

MT: I would say if we get down to the tournament and we have a chance to host, home field advantage will be nice. But when we go away, we just try and channel the energy coming from the opposing team as energy for us. Even though of course it’s for their home team.