New sport of Bubble Soccer raising money for chapter adviser

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New sport of Bubble Soccer raising money for chapter adviser

Illustration by Heidi Wachtel

Illustration by Heidi Wachtel

Illustration by Heidi Wachtel

By Kristi Lucchetta, staff writer

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EWU Alpha Kappa Psi chapter adviser, Bekah Todd, beat breast cancer over a year ago only to recently discover it had come back. To help raise money the Fraternity is putting together a sporting event called Bubble Soccer tomorrow from 3-5 p.m. at JFK field, located behind the library.

“I didn’t want to do the typical fundraiser with a bake sale,” said EWU senior Mackenzie Sheehan. “I wanted to do something active and not so traditional.”

The teams are made up of usually three to five players in which each player is in a blow up ball that covers their head and upper body while they play soccer. Bubble soccer has been featured on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon.

There is also a U.S. Bubble Soccer Association (USBSA) that is a national alliance of leagues and owners that promote bubble soccer in the United States.

Teams are co-ed and consist of three players who go head to head for five to seven minutes, which Sheehan assured would be more than enough time to tire players out.

“We’ve already had Safeway and Albertsons donate gatorade and water bottles for the event,” said EWU junior Brionna Husted. “Albertsons has also donated items for the first place grand prize basket.”

Those who did not sign up to play can still donate money or any other items, and both spectators and players can enjoy food and drinks for free.

“Our chapter adviser made a GoFundMe account but as college students we don’t have a lot of money,” said Sheehan. “I wanted to plan something where a lot of people and students can donate what they can.”

The sign-up cost was $30 a team. The top three teams will receive three $10 gift cards and the grand prize, which will be a gift basket.

“We are still throwing [the gift basket] together with donations that we have received,” Husted said.

Each team member will also receive a free t-shirt.

“So far the event is completely paid for so any new donations will go toward profit and the cause,” Sheehan said.

Sheehan said she hopes to make this a yearly event either to raise money for a certain cause or the Alpha Kappa Psi chapter.

The equipment and space is rented for two hours but Sheehan said if the event goes longer than planned, the rental company and location have agreed to allow for the extra time needed.

“It should be a lot of fun for those that are watching and those that are playing,” Sheehan said.

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