Mayhem Step and Stroll unites performances


By Kristi Lucchetta, staff writer

Mayhem Step and Stroll Show is back for its second year, bringing the competition with five organizations performing that are motivated to take home the winning prize.

“Our school is the only one in our region that has included stepping into the competition,” said Carlos Garcia, EWU junior and incoming Diversified Greek Council (DGC) president. “The stepping part is the hardest because if you miss one beat it throws the whole performance off.”

Stepping is a type of dance performance that does not use actual music and instead incorporates sound, rhythm and music that is produced from the entire body, according to Garcia.
Stroll is a type of dance performance where a group does a synchronized routine following a beat.

“Last year we raised around $300-$500,” said Carmelo DeLeon, EWU senior and former treasurer of the DGC. “We are hoping since last year was our first year putting on the show that this year we will be able to raise more money and bring in more of an audience.”

The money raised goes toward the DGC funding. The DGC assists and supports the culturally-diverse fraternities and sororities at EWU and attempts to unite and promote a culture-based greek system.

“The [competitors] put in a lot of work,” said Garcia. “They practice their routine three months prior to the competition an hour a day every day. When it gets closer they increase to two hours a day.”
The first prize winner will receive $1,000, second place $500 and third place $200.

There will be a halftime performance along with prizes thrown out during breaks. The following year there were t-shirts thrown out to the crowd along with Summer Jam tickets.

The competition is open to other schools in the region but so far the only organizations that have signed up are at EWU. Garcia said he hopes once the event becomes better known, more schools will want to join in the upcoming years.
DeLeon and Garcia said they believe many schools are more hesitant to join because they are the only competition in the Northwest that incorporates stepping in the competition.

“We had a stroll competition in the past but what happened was [the former organization] stopped doing it and instead of making the event belong to one organization it belonged to the DGC and they wanted it to be unique so they wanted to bring in stepping,” Garcia said.

“Since stepping has a lot more to it, many are hesitant to compete,” DeLeon said.
The first two rounds of the competition will be the stroll portion and the last round will be stepping.

Some new rules put in place this year include no allowed substitutions during any rounds and no fragrances due to a previous team incorporating Axe Cologne in their performance titled “Cologne,” which sparked an allergic reaction in an audience member.

“The first year the event took place was sort of a test run,” said DeLeon. “This year is going to be a lot better.”
The event flyer has a footprint in the background of the text and the winning organization will be able to have their recognized color on the footprint featured on next year’s flyer.