EWU paintball, a shot at having fun


By Kenna Tornow, Contributing Writer

Paintball is shooting its way into EWU student’s hearts and continuing to grow the EWU army. Paintball started last school year as a campus recreational activity, and while it still is a rec activity, it has room to grow.

On any of the six open paintball nights one could see up to 50 students out running around and shooting their paintball guns. And on a reserved night one would see over 100 students participating, according to Michael Campitelli, head of EWU campus recreation activities. Open night paintball is open to all students on a first-come, first-serve basis with valid EWU ID. The reserved option is open to students who reserve equipment and the facilities and keep it between their own players.

“We are hoping to have a club next year,” said Campitelli. “We also see a great opportunity for on-campus groups to use the game as a team or social building exercise as it is fun, requires some strategy and teamwork and can be highly competitive as well.”

“The key option is to develop paintball as an intramural team sport and we are doing that this spring with four teams signed up,” Campitelli said.

EWU sophomore Jeff Bergerson said he would like to join a club or intramural team. Bergeron’s favorite part about paintball is coordinating with all of his friends. “I would like to play on the entire EWU campus,” he said.

While some love to just go out and shoot their friends, others love the competitiveness of capturing the flag. “My favorite part is that everyone thinks they are so good, and you get out there and everyone is horrible,” said EWU freshman Nick Able. “Plus the smack talk everyone brings.”

EWU has a great game field and in the future would like to add inexpensive inflatables, according to Campitelli. “I would like to see it with more people and a bigger field with more barriers,” Bergeron said

Students can choose to reserve the paintball equipment and field to use with friends or for an event if they do not want to attend the open paintball dates, according to Campitelli. He said whatever option EWU students choose they are provided all of the safety gear, paintballs, guns and a field with inflatable barriers. Players cannot bring their own paintball guns and must follow EWU’s safety rules of play.

The pre-set-up field includes 10 inflatable bunkers for players to hide behind and use as shields surrounding the game flag in the center. The bunkers are set up on a 40-by-20-yard spread. There is also a ballistic curtain on one side of the field to protect spectators or players not currently in the game.

According to Abel, the equipment is great and the staff was amazing and friendly when explaining the rules to everyone.