Electric Eagle brings Paradiso DJ to EWU

By Kristi Lucchetta, Staff Writer

Virtual performances and a DJ featured at the popular electronic dance music festival, Paradiso, is coming to EWU with the Electric Eagle concert for the first time on April 28.

There will be vertical elements throughout the night with aerial performances. Eagle Sound productions will also be bringing in a lighting package to give the concert the electronic dance music (EDM) feel.

“It’s basically like [the fall] welcome back dance but bigger,” said Eagle Entertainment concerts coordinator and EWU senior Madi Castro. “This is a way for students to relax from studying and serve as an alternative to drinking.”

Spokane local DJ Beauflexx — who has opened for Steve Aoki, Dirtyphonics, Lil Dicky, LA Riots, Crizzly and DATSIK — will be the main performance.

EDM, also known as club or dance music, features a wide range of percussive electronic music usually played at nightclubs, festivals or raves.

“I’ve been to a few raves and EDM concerts and I think it is cool EWU is hosting one,” said EWU sophomore Marco Masquedo. “It’s good that EWU is embracing the current trend of music and having an event like this that students can go to and have fun.”

Kathryn Frazier, long-running head of BIZ3 Publicity, said in an interview with residentadvisor.com these type of concerts received little to no positive press and the only press they did receive was when an attendee would overdose on drugs such as ecstasy. She claims it was only negative, causing fear about the culture.

“[EDM] concerts still can have a bad reputation,” said Masquedo. “Not everyone goes there to do drugs, some really do enjoy the music and the atmosphere. It is upbeat and just dance music.”

The New York Times quoted a concert promoter, Michael Rapino, who said, “If you’re 15 to 25 years old now, this is your rock ‘n’ roll.